Media should dutifully cover Difa-i-Pakistan Council’s events: Hafiz Saeed

JuD chief says journalists, as Pakistanis, should use the opportunity to defend the country.

Our Correspondent January 30, 2012

MULTAN: Joining in the chorus of Jamaat-i-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl, the Jamaatud Dawa has also chastised the media for ‘inadequate’ coverage of its events and activities.

“Media should consider it a duty to provide coverage to events of JuD and Difa-i-Pakistan Council,” Hafiz Saeed, chief of the religious charity organisation, said on Monday.

He was speaking to reporters in Multan after attending a rally organised by the council on Sunday.

“They [journalists] are part of Pakistan and must defend the country. They can do it in this way,” he said.

Speaking about the council’s ideology and aims, he said that through the council, the JuD aims to unite people from Peshawar to Karachi under one umbrella to protest US aggression in Pakistan. “It is regrettable that religious scholars do not highlight this teaching of the Shariah that greatness lies in unity,” he said, adding that the Difa-i-Pakistan Council’s next gathering in Karachi will be the biggest rally in Pakistan’s history.


M. B. HAQ | 11 years ago | Reply

All parties that are banned by the representatives of the people of Pakistan must not get any TV, including all those religious persons or parties who never denounced violent actions or it's perpetrators. Also the parties who have independently taken violent actions against anyone inside or outside from the land of Pakistan must not be endorsed by the public media. All those parties who did not say A WORD when 26,000 of innocent Pakistanis were killed in all sort of violence arising out of actions by SUCH Religious Leaders & parties. They are not needed to "Defend Pakistan". We can defend Pakistan with the help of God and the mercy he has bestowed on the people of Pakistan all along. We don't need the help of these so called "Defenders of Pakistan" parties. Our wounds are still fresh, we are hurt and still are bleeding from the bombing and killing that was raged against the People of Pakistan by them. They think it is or will be forgotten? We won't forget, no we won't!

MUNIB | 11 years ago | Reply

We dont want "darkness" on our TV screens. Dear media please dont telecast rallies by org which are banned under terrorism laws. Why JuD should be given any coverege ?

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