PIA plane engine catches fire, all passengers safe

A fire erupted in the engine of a lahore-bound PIA plane at the Karachi airport early Friday morning.

Express July 30, 2010

A fire erupted in the engine of a lahore-bound PIA plane at the Karachi airport early Friday morning.

Sources said that the flight, PK 302, was taxiing on the runway when a bird smashed into its engine number one.

Ambulances and rescue teams reached the spot to put out the fire.

Spokesman for PIA, Sultan Hasan said all the passengers are safe and will be taken to Lahore through another flight. An emergency has been declared at the airport.


Yousaf | 11 years ago | Reply I gave an option to my father to cancel the ticket on PIA and put him on another relatively safe International Airline. He is a bit patriotic to choose PIA as whole of his life he has travel on National Carrier. Our governance is endlessly corrupt & a tussle between Pilots & Management will lead nowhere but to make passenger suffering from this dilema. act as a nation... everyone has to go back to Allah..think what you are leaving for your future generations..
Saleem Siddiqi | 11 years ago | Reply There are lot of Bird activity around our Airports especially Karachi Airport which is very hazardous for incoming and outgoing planes. A single Bird smashing onto its Wind Screen or entering into Engine can be fatal. I remember, there is special staff around Airport designated to shoot down such errand Birds flying Airport territory near Jinnah Air Terminal. But what is the success rate and their performance, should be highlighted in the press and their performance needs to be greatly improved with latest weaponary. Safety in Pakistan is not regarded as an important issue as our Government has "other" priorities. This way we are playing with the live of innocent but precious lives of the people. A strict discipline is needed and enforced to over come this problem. Let pray and hope that this area is effectively managed by those who are at the Whims of the Government to do so. Regards Dr. Saleem Siddiqi Qatar
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