'Objectionable' concerts: Opposition walks out of Punjab Assembly session

PPP submits resolution for promotion of cultural activities, objects to concert ban resolution.

Web Desk January 25, 2012

LAHORE: The opposition staged a walked out from the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday after opposition leader, Raja Riaz of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was denied permission to speak, Express News reported.

The PPP had submitted a resolution for the promotion of cultural activities in the assembly today. The resolution, which was submitted by PPP MPA Sajida Meer, objected to the resolution for a ban on ‘objectionable’ concerts at educational institutions.

The resolution stated that such bans did not ‘suit the 21st century’ and termed the concerts a ‘healthy activity’.

Seemal Kamran, who had moved the ban resolution, said that she opposed Meer’s resolution and said that nobody should promote ‘non-Shariah’ concerts. The MPA said that concerts should take place and the ban was for ‘objectionable’ ones.

Kamran said that those objecting the ban had not read the resolution carefully.

The Punjab Assembly, on Tuesday, had passed a resolution seeking a ban on organising ‘objectionable’ music concerts in private and public academic institutions. This move came weeks after three students were killed in a stampede at a concert in Lahore.


ashiq | 9 years ago | Reply

Typical mindset, if you have accident near school put more speed breakers instead of enforcing the law by traffic police. We never find solutions to problems we just replace on problem by another. No wonder people are dying in ambulance cause there are so many speed breakers to go around. we have to and We must i say change this mentality, take small steps and may be in 20 years we can get rid of them all.

sayeen | 9 years ago | Reply

"NON SHARIAH CONCERTS????".. can anyone tell me whts a shariah concert! i guess this is a new landmark of "moderate ISLAM"..

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