ISI chief advised Musharraf not to return: Report

Senate resolution states that the former president be arrested on arrival for suspending the constitution twice.

Web Desk January 23, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, Lt. General Shuja Pasha has advised former President General Musharraf to defer his return to Pakistan, DawnNews reported on Monday.

A source, on the condition of anonymity told DawnNews that “General Pasha, who has remained very close to the former president, held a meeting with him (Musharraf) in Dubai and advised him not to return to the country as the situation is not conducive for his return.”

Democracy decides to arrest dictator on arrival

The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a resolution calling for pressing treason charges against former president Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 of the Constitution.

The resolution was presented by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senior leader Senator Raza Rabbani, who also chairs the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, which is probing the November 26 Nato strike.

The reasons stated in the resolution included that the former president should be arrested on arrival since he had suspended the constitution twice and compromised national security by entering into accords with certain countries.

It further said that Musharraf had decreased the share of provinces in the National Finance Commission (NFC) award and had used state power to both supress Baloch nationalists and assisting the killing of veteran Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti and former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Last week, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had assured the Senate that Musharraf would be arrested upon his return to Pakistan.

“I assure this house that if he lands in Pakistan, he will be arrested because he is a proclaimed offender in the Benazir Bhutto murder case,” the minister said.

The interior minister’s assurance came after Rabbani had submitted a 10-point charge sheet in Senate, calling for the former dictator’s arrest.

Musharraf had announced earlier in January that he will arrive in Pakistan between January 27 and January 30. He recently delayed his plans to return after close friends and aides advised him against it, stating that his life is under threat in Pakistan.


Nisar | 11 years ago | Reply General Pervez Musharraf can not run away from the justice. Since justice has prevailed in other countries also: > Chile; former dictator General Augusto Pinoche now in jail. > Bangladesh; former General Hussain Irshad in jail. > Sri Lanka; former General Sarath Fonseka now in jail. > Turkey; former General Ilker basburg now in jail. No wonder we will soon see General Pervez Musharraf too in jail for subverting the constitution and condemnable NRO to throw the country in further darkness!
hamza khan | 11 years ago | Reply while the rumor of DG ISI meeting president musharraf is just that (a rumor), any one saying president musharraf was advised NOT to return is lying to themselves. the reality is that sources inside APML are stating if any message was conveyed it was to simply delay the return in order to avoid giving the PPP a lifeline by using the musharraf bashing card to get out of the sticky situation it is in. should musharraf return this weekend, the PPP will lock him up and prevent him from presenting his case to the courts. i can assure everyone here that president musharraf wants to clear his name in the courts of all the allegations and lies that people have spread against him. his honesty and vision for this country is unequalled. let him come back when he wishes, but the army is asking him to not let hte PPP off the hook. thats all..
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