Swept by Tsunami: Sunni Tehreek contemplates joining PTI

Sunni Tehreek chief says decision to join PTI not yet final.

Owais Jafri January 17, 2012

MULTAN: Sarwat Ijaz Qadri, Chairman Sunni Tehreek  (ST) said on Tuesday that his party was still contemplating joining the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and that the ST was yet to reach a consensus on the move.

“I cannot confirm as the executive council will decide but we will soon reach a positive decision and the nation will hear good news. We are pondering over all aspects for becoming the part of the movement lead by PTI,” he said.

Qadri was talking to the media in Multan after visiting Bahauddin Zakriyah’s shrine.

The ST chairman added that his party had also requested PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi to bless them with his generosity, leadership and guide the ST as part of an impending move to join the 'tsunami'.

'Sufism can save Pakistan'

Qadri said that only in Sufism lay Pakistan’s survival. He added that inter-faith harmony was imperative to save the nation from destruction.

He added that sectarianism, suicide attacks and bomb blasts were signs of extreme intolerance in society which could be cured through serenity, peace and love for all as taught by Islam.

“Extremism can only be controlled by propagating tolerance for every faith and religion in society according to Islam.”

Qadri said that funds collected from mausoleums and shrines of holy saints in the country were sufficient to run the country.

“The donations collected from these shrines are more than the demand of the budget of Pakistan. If these funds will be used properly and honestly, then they are sufficient to fulfill the needs of the people of Pakistan and if government cannot do it, then we can take up the challenge and prove ourselves.

He added that the democratic government should complete its tenure as it was in the interest of the country but the government should not take advantage of democracy and avoid actions which compel people to protest against them.

Talking about peace in Karachi, he said that criminals who had been arrested with evidence against them for being involved in target killings and other crimes, must be put behind bars.

“They should be given stern punishment, only then would peace prevail in Karachi," he said, adding peace in Karachi was a victim of police and political reconciliation. While calling for Rangers to be allotted police powers in Karachi to maintain peace in Karachi, he said "I can only request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to announce punishment for all those criminals who were arrested for target killing, extortion, kidnapping and militancy in Karachi."

Hamid Kazmi is innocent

Talking about Hamid Kazmi, Qadri said that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had investigated Kazmi for two hours and found him to be innocent and not involved in any crime.

“He is innocent and should be freed after investigations,” adding that that if Moonis Elahi can be acquitted, then it was possible to free Kazmi too, who was never involved in any corruption and had been trapped and punished despite being innocent."

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly mentioned Sunni Ittehad Council instead of Sunni Tehreek. The error has been rectified. 


asad | 9 years ago | Reply

i dont think this will ever happen, coz ST is much more larger party then PTI which is a seasonal party.

waqas | 9 years ago | Reply I am a big supporter of sunni ittihad council. I personally think imran khan will be more loyal to sahibzada haji fazle kareem sahib then nawaz sharif. I personally think its a excellent move and we should join them. Nawaz sharif has disrespected sahibzada sahib and sunni ittihad council in alot of ways.
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