Zardari leaves for Dubai: Reports

Published: January 12, 2012
Reports suggest president has gone on a scheduled one-day trip. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

Reports suggest president has gone on a scheduled one-day trip. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari left for Dubai on a scheduled one-day trip on Thursday, local television stations reported, amid growing tension over a memo seeking US help in preventing a coup by the military.      

The president’s trip comes during the worst tensions between Pakistan’s civilian government and the military since a coup in 1999.

Gulf-based Pakistani sources said Zardari would make the trip for a medical check-up. “This trip will be for a follow-up medical check-up and then he’ll be returning right away,” an associate of Zardari said.

However, a senior member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) said Zardari had left Pakistan to attend a wedding in Dubai. No official confirmation of either story was available immediately.

Zardari went to Dubai for medical treatment last month, triggering speculation that a military take-over in the nuclear-armed South Asian nation was imminent. He returned home a couple of weeks later.

Tension has risen between the civilian government and the military, which has ruled Pakistan for more than half its 64-year history, since a memo emerged last October purportedly seeking US help to stave off a military coup.

The military warned on Wednesday of “grievous consequences”” over reported comments by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani accusing the military of acting unconstitutionally amid the “memogate” scandal.

Deepening the crisis, Gilani later sacked the country’s top military bureaucrat for unspecified “gross misconduct and illegal action”.

A senior member of the PPP also warned on Wednesday that both sides appeared to be digging in their heels, although others have played down talk of an imminent showdown.

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Reader Comments (37)

  • Khan
    Jan 12, 2012 - 2:31PM

    don’t worry, Brave man Zardari is coming backRecommend

  • Jan 12, 2012 - 2:34PM

    Longlive zardari,


  • Khalid Javed
    Jan 12, 2012 - 2:36PM

    Zardari may have another spate of ailments starting from today which might necessitate his staying out of Pakistan till memo gate & other tumultous political ripples settle down………..LOL……Recommend

  • Alizai
    Jan 12, 2012 - 2:41PM

    Lolz! What else could one have expected! He should been ECL listed. Basically it’s a take over/dismissal delay tactics. Wonder if he remembered to sign those docs before departure, doesn’t take more than a few seconds!



    Jan 12, 2012 - 2:49PM

    It so appears that the Pak President has suffered relapse of his previous ailment for which he went to Dubai for treatment. However, this time he would remain there much longer or live permanently in Dubai since Pakistan’s weather is not conducive for his health and well being.


  • Riz
    Jan 12, 2012 - 2:49PM

    Good bye! Come back soon!


  • Jan 12, 2012 - 2:53PM

    He is Running away . not staying to see the show down


  • naeem
    Jan 12, 2012 - 3:02PM

    It is amazing that just before or after any SC judgements or case our President leaves for Dubia and then of all the medical insititutions he heads for an American..Recommend

  • Jan 12, 2012 - 3:09PM

    Bye bye Recommend

  • shuja
    Jan 12, 2012 - 3:13PM

    No doubt he will be back.He is brave & honest to this nation.Great son of this soil.


  • kvsk
    Jan 12, 2012 - 3:54PM

    Whatever the short comings of the present government, democracy is the only lasting solution to the Pakistanis’ problems. I sincerely hope that during these days of anti-US and anti-India “moboria” (sorry, there is no such word in the dictionary, but I hope the meaning is clear), this basic fact does not get overlooked by the common man. Remember that it is this Gilani govt. that has taken tough stands even against the US, rightly or wrongly. At least, give the govt. some breathing space to govern ! kvsk with best wishes from India


  • A. Khan
    Jan 12, 2012 - 4:00PM

    What I would like to know is who is paying for these visits to Dubai ? Its not an official visit so is the country footing the bill for these private excursions ?


  • SAL
    Jan 12, 2012 - 4:41PM

    @kvsk … you are so wrong. We had democracy for last 3 years now , but we saw the country going down the road. Do remember that any form of government is for the betterment of people and it is not other way round. No government system is narrated from heavens which should be held esteem even if it ruins the nation ! . We can not even blame the present government, in a corrupt divided system only the corrupt will rule the country. For all your well wishes , you can import Zardari and his cronies to India to rule you for 3 years !!!


  • let there be peace
    Jan 12, 2012 - 4:46PM

    Zardari is a smart man.


  • bhai
    Jan 12, 2012 - 4:56PM

    can’t these people have medical checkups in Pakistan…Recommend

  • Shamy
    Jan 12, 2012 - 5:02PM

    Its only a checkup…surely he can get himself checked from good doctors in Pakistan….did he just use my money for his flight to Dubai ?


  • Ali Nawaz
    Jan 12, 2012 - 5:09PM

    Motherland is in crisis and Mr. Zardari is flying…


  • Dr. Saifur Rehman
    Jan 12, 2012 - 5:15PM

    WHILE President Zardari left for Dubai for his routine medical checkup last month in december, vicious anchors and the doomdaysayer sections of the media started a campaign against him. And yet again, show is on. Sections of the media are deliberately creating unrest in the country. His long years in jail without any guilt and his slogan of ‘Pakistan khapay’ on the occasion of the murder of Benazir Bhutto reflect his inner will against Pakistan’s detractors. Like Nelson Mandela President Zardari has given great sacrifices to change this system. Asif Ali Zardari challenged Pakistan’s detractors. Pakistani should be grateful for his struggle. President Zardari has forgiven his worst enemies. Every honest Pakistani sees him as the most revered statesman.Recommend

  • Jan 12, 2012 - 5:16PM

    Guys on the top slot knows what they have done for the countary & they believe, not a single hospital match the worldclass treatments!!! so they all go out for treatment regardless of any affiliations– Cheers


  • sars
    Jan 12, 2012 - 5:39PM

    Why do we even bother having a president if during all times of crisis , (whether natural disasters, political distasters etc) , he flies off to foreign locales for personal issues.


  • plaintalk
    Jan 12, 2012 - 6:03PM

    @Dr. Saifur Rehman: Really! How wonderful! And what about the billions and the property in France and America? Was all that the fee for statesmanship?


  • Imran Mohammad
    Jan 12, 2012 - 6:15PM

    It is nauseating to read comments in support of a man whose government destroyed the economy and all public enterprises. Zardari government is solely responsible for mismanagement /corruption causing wide-spread electricity/gas/petrol shortages. While this is happening , his cronies are living it up. One senior minister says he does not know how 20/30 million rupees came into his account, he had to return it but is still the minister (read about NICL case) !!. This is the tip of corruption iceberg.
    Yes, please cheer for Zardari while country goes down the drain. Army did not force them to do corruption and provide worst governance in the history of Pakistan.


  • Hairaan
    Jan 12, 2012 - 7:05PM

    Waste of taxpayer’s money.


  • Chulbul Pandey
    Jan 12, 2012 - 7:15PM

    This guy, Zardari…. He flies out to Dubai so often that the correct news title of this article should be – Zardari to visit Pakistan for a few days before going back to Dubai


  • Jan 12, 2012 - 8:19PM

    @shuja: good sense of humour!


  • A Ali
    Jan 12, 2012 - 8:51PM

    Most Pakistanis in Dubai return to Pakistan for medical treatment… Very unusual trend is set by the President of Pakistan.


  • Hairaan
    Jan 12, 2012 - 9:10PM

    @A Ali:
    Very right but you missed one point. These Pakistanis spend from their pockets and this fellow is spending from our pockets.


  • Usman786
    Jan 12, 2012 - 10:16PM

    u can get our all politicians on loan


  • rk from NY
    Jan 12, 2012 - 10:25PM

    @A Ali:
    hahaha..medical treatment in pakistan…/?? really..?? you mean they return to pakistan to die..??? by a terror strike… what else is there in pak except terror..???


  • rk from NY
    Jan 12, 2012 - 10:26PM

    you mean US taxpayer money…??? what else money does pak have…????


  • real face
    Jan 12, 2012 - 11:06PM

    who says democracy is better than dictatership???
    which type of democracy??? the one which is practiced in our country??? compare zardari era with musharraf’s regemn.
    who have destroyed our national assets like railway,pia, steel mills, petroleum,wapda, health, education???who have foreign assets and foreign bank accounts and business inn foreign countries???
    the slogan that worst democracy is better than good miltery dictatorship is infact made by our corrupt politicians who are busy in looting the nation and have fixed their turns and don want any one to interrupt them.
    there have been democracy inn this country for more than thirty years, what did we get from these thirty years of democracy???
    i fully support miltery dictatorship and say worst dictatorship is better than this so called democracy practiced in our country, in which corrupt peoples become the head of state.Recommend

  • Javed
    Jan 12, 2012 - 11:12PM

    @rk from NY: Get a life or borrow one, Mr. Pathetic Troll.


  • kvsk
    Jan 12, 2012 - 11:33PM


    Thanks for your comments. Please note that I am not praising Zardari or Gilani. May be the present govt. is corrupt. So is India’s present govt. That is what our Annaji (Anna Hazare) is fighting against. I just wished to point out that even a badly administered and corrupt civilian govt. is preferable to other options like military rule. I have a gut feeling that there is going to be another military rule in Pakistan, in spite of denials by many. I’ll be glad if I am proved to be wrong. Regarding importing Zardari to India, it could have been considered if India was not already full of people like him. Let the new year bring happiness and prosperity to South Asia !


  • R S (Kha)JO(R)HAR
    Jan 12, 2012 - 11:51PM

    @R S JOHAR:
    Son, you worry too much. Focus on your own!


  • Noor
    Jan 13, 2012 - 9:45AM

    ET wake up!

    Hype should stop.
    he’s already back; fresh news should be their on the front page.


  • Shane Hashmi
    Jan 14, 2012 - 4:10AM

    Old news. He’s already returned… surprisingly “according to plan”


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