Govt eyes Indian movie ban for Eid

The government is eyeing a possible ban on Indian films in cinemas for Eid to encourage the flagging local industry.

Afp July 28, 2010

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI: The government is eyeing a possible ban on Indian films in cinemas for the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr festival, purportedly to encourage the flagging local industry, its culture minister said on Tuesday.

“We want to benefit our industry and facilitate Pakistani producers by temporarily banning Indian movies at Eid-ul-Fitr,” Aftab Shah Jilani told AFP. Any decision would be taken after further discussions within government, Jilani stressed.

He said Pakistani film-makers had complained that cinemas prefer to show glitzy Bollywood productions made across the border in India, flooding the market at the expense of the depressed local industry.

Pakistan’s film industry has sunk into deep decline in the last two decades, with fewer and fewer films made, and those produced frequently criticised for weak plots and poor production.

Film directors who met Jilani in Lahore on Tuesday, said they would welcome any temporary ban.

“The minister assured us that no Indian movie will be shown on Eid in September,” leading film producer Sangeeta told AFP.

But Nadeem Mandviwala, from Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association, said he would appeal against any such decision, fearing heavy losses at the box office.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 28th, 2010.


the way beyond | 11 years ago | Reply the reason for instability and enmity with India are these kind of repeated acts by our politicians. One side they say we are talking peace and on the other side every offensive act, and denial of facts which is there in our blood right from birth ...I strongly believe peace with India is the only way Pakistan could get out of the current trouble, in order to progress in this region we need to engage with india without that we will continue to languish like this ..
Tauseef | 11 years ago | Reply Any such ban is indicative of a sick mentality. Why should a consumer suffer, if the Pakistani Film industry is not competent to grab attention? And why should the cinema owners suffer? I would go a step further. Why has the Pakistani Government banned Indian News Channels on cable? Are we stupid not to see the difference between truth and fiction? Any attempts to control a free media is against common sense and only cause a loss for all.
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