Amir Khan’s trainer says he knows the ‘mystery man’: Report

Freddie Roach says Mustafa Ameen seen at ringside during Khan-Peterson match is not an IBF official.

Afp/express January 08, 2012

Boxer Amir Khan’s trainer Freddie Roach has claimed that he knows the ‘mystery man’ seen at the ringside during Khan’s match with Lamont Peterson and said that he was not an International Boxing Federation (IBF) official, a BBC Sport report said on Sunday.

Roach identified the man as Mustafa Ameen whom he had once banished from a training camp for talking to “other people’s fighters”.

Talking to BBC Sport, Roach said: “He goes to gyms and talks to other people's fighters… But he does know the boundaries because he doesn't go after my fighters - but he does talk to other people's fighters and he's been told not to a couple of times, even here in my gym.”

Richard Schaefer, chief executive of the Golden Boy company which promoted the Khan-Peterson fight had earlier claimed that Ameen was an IBF official who was given accreditation for the fight but was not directly involved in it.

But Roach denied the statements saying that Ameen was not an official and there was no need of him at the ringside. “Why he was ringside and why he was in the ring afterwards celebrating and so forth I have no idea,” he said.

Khan lost his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles after local opponent Peterson was awarded a controversial split-decision victory following their bout in Washington on December 10. The 25-year-old had questioned the performance of referee Joe Cooper and aired grievances over alleged inconsistencies with the judges’ scorecards, before turning his attention to the mystery individual at ringside.

Khan has already appealed against the defeat, but took to Twitter on Thursday to draw attention to the unidentified man’s actions during the fight.


Abdul Aziz | 10 years ago | Reply

Freddie Roach Claim is too confusion on the issue, if he knows that, firstly telling Aamir khan and Secondly he Claim about identified man not IBA Official, another Contradiction thing.

CaptainCookesPeerSahib | 10 years ago | Reply

@hasan mustapha

Amir Khan was 115-110 according to the most experienced judge of them all. He was deducted 2 points, One of which was for pushing. Any genuine boxing fan will tell you, They have hardly ever seen a point deducted in this sport for pushing.....For the more intellectually defeicient amir khan haters, Boxing is a sport in which FISTS are thrown.

Many experts had khan ahead, HBO did. Even lennox lewis said on twitter that he had khan ahead. Jeff Powell of the Daily mail (Very experienced) had khan ahead 115-111...I had it 115-110

And remember Hasan. Peterson was the one on his backside at the start of the fight. NOT KHAN!

Khan is going to absolutely decimate this kid when they fight again, Somewhere neutral like LV. With neutral judges.

This was a rigged fight, As no one is allowed to go anywhere NEAR the judges during the fight. One of the scorecards had given a 10-8 round to khan, only to then cross it out and give it the other way!!

That was around the same time this mystery man was sat talking to one of the judges. That judge wasnt even watching the fight, for the time he was talking to the "mystery man".

Absolutely reeks of a fix. Anyway, Amir Khan zindabaad! Hes going to go on and do bigger and better things. He will clean up this division, move onwards and upwards, then possibly challenge mayweather. Styles make fights. Khans style is perfect for Mayweather.

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