Militancy in Khyber Agency: Two children killed, 13 injured in blast

Published: January 1, 2012
Villagers gather as paramilitary soldiers keep guard near the site of a bomb attack in Landikotal, December 31, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS

Villagers gather as paramilitary soldiers keep guard near the site of a bomb attack in Landikotal, December 31, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS

PESHAWAR: Two schoolchildren were killed and 13 others injured when a bomb went off outside the residence of a tribal elder in the Landi Kotal tehsil of Khyber Agency on Saturday.

According to the political administration, a jirga was underway to resolve the issue of a tender for Torkham Adda, which is the main route for trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

An official from the political agent’s office said that the children who were killed in the incident were aged between 10 and 12 years. They were identified as Shah Saud and Ilyas.

The injured were rushed to a hospital in Landi Kotal.

“The incident took place at around 12:30 am when the jirga was deciding who to hand over the yearly tender of the Torkham dry port,” said the official.

“There were no threats to the jirga prior to this attack,” the official added.

Three people sustained severe injuries and were shifted to the Hayattabad Medical Complex in Peshawar, sources said. The residence belonged to tribal elder Malik Rasool Jan.

Blast in Miranshah

Two security personnel were killed after a remote-controlled bomb exploded in the Datta Khel area of Miranshah in North Waziristan Agency Saturday morning.

According to sources, after receiving a tip, security forces reached the site to defuse the bomb planted on the Qafila Road of Boya village, but it exploded before they could defuse it. One person died on the spot, while another sustained severe injuries. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.

The bomb hit a patrol leading a convoy of security forces at Boya village. A local intelligence official confirmed the attack and death toll and said that he suspected the involvement of Taliban militants. Security forces started a search operation, sources said, adding that no one has been arrested so far.

(with Additional input from AFP)

Published in The Express Tribune, January 1st, 2012.

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Reader Comments (15)

  • Imran
    Dec 31, 2011 - 5:25PM

    The other day, someone was talking about the best intelligence agency in the world.


  • Mard-e-Haq
    Dec 31, 2011 - 5:44PM

    What is wrong with these maniacs anyway? Do they take delight in killing children? What’s the point of issuing fiery sermons against Israeli attacks on Palestinian children when so-called Muslims blow up children in an Islamic republic?


  • Javed
    Dec 31, 2011 - 5:58PM

    Nobody willing to comment on the death of TWO children aged 10 and 12 years just because sovereignty of the country has not been violated.


  • J Oberoi
    Dec 31, 2011 - 7:40PM

    You are so right Javed. There is nothing more tragic in the world than children in pain. This deserves more attention than the ridiculous ‘Memogate’. My sympathies are with the family of the brave children. May God give them strength to get through this agony.


  • Mirza
    Dec 31, 2011 - 10:03PM

    The rightwing terrorists are our love, we hate everything that western democracy and education offers. We live in a hate based society be that hids or no kids, we would not have an iota of mercy. It is an all out jihad against the moderate people of Pakistan. I am not surprised that there is not much interest in this news. People are more interested and committed in politics than fairness and protection of our kids.


  • Dhoka
    Dec 31, 2011 - 10:14PM

    It appears that more proxy warriors will be accommodated through the MFN status to India by naive Pakistan. These terrorists are well paid loaded with money to commit crimes in Pakistan. Pakistan is being targeted fom all angles by its enemies. A small country like Pakistan has been withstanding immense pressure and exploitation namely: Terrorism coming from India using both sides of the borders and Afghanistan making it worst by accommodating the terrorist nation India to funnel terrorism into Pakistan through Afghan border. The inept so called democracy in Pakistan has opened the flood gates to corruption, terrorism and bloodshed of the common man. It has gifted the nation with worst economy as a topping on the cake.
    One has to ask one simple basic question as to who their boss is and who is funding their boss’s boss? Pakistan was too trusting and was never ready for this proxy War that has mushroomed so much. Pakistan needs to expand its ISI department and Military to effectively deal with this Gigantic Bloody Proxy War.


  • Parvez
    Dec 31, 2011 - 11:08PM

    …..and still we do nothing about the Madrassas and their sponsors.


  • Jabar
    Jan 1, 2012 - 1:28AM

    You who haven’t take a life don’t know the feelings… The sound and smell of explosion… the color and smell of fresh blood… the ons who is dying by your action and your work… It gives a kind of satisfuction that no drug, smoke or drink can give you… After one kill you don’t think about anything else in the world but another kill… No mather how much I say about it you won’t be able to undrestand exactly, you have to be there to undrestand it. The best high in the world is to take a life and get away with it….


  • Iron hand
    Jan 1, 2012 - 3:42AM

    No protests from the usual extremist sympathizers because they have nothing to gain from protesting this.


  • Mirza
    Jan 1, 2012 - 10:16AM

    There is no outrage from the right wing on the killing of children. However, they are still upset at the killing of OBL. Sad to see not too many people are even reading or commenting on such tragic news anymore. They are all busy against the elected govt and democratic process.


  • Daud
    Jan 1, 2012 - 11:19AM

    @Imran – This just validates the urgent neccessity of massive expansion of the intelligence agency. Pakistan is infested with foereign terrorist handlers under this inept leadership. Also this is an alert signal for rapid expansion of the military. The weak civilian government has created many pot holes and the military government may have to fill those pot holes . . .


  • MarkH
    Jan 1, 2012 - 1:01PM

    Do you fact check anything or do you just say those things on here because nobody sane will listen to you in person?


  • Dhoka
    Jan 1, 2012 - 2:47PM

    @MarkH – No offense intended . . . It is a bit too complicated for you to understand as you do not live in Pakistan nor have you experienced the hardships of the common citizen. It is a well known pattern that during the civillian rule, the terror masters (Indian hand along with their partners in crime) who usually wait on the fringes would come rushing in to take advantage of the weak civillian govt. But they dare not under military watch and domination. This is a confirmed fact. Therefore, in Pakistan military rule must work side by side with the civillian for security reasons.
    Sorry, if you still do not understand . . .cant help you. . .


  • Salim
    Jan 2, 2012 - 2:14AM

    Have you considered perhaps that the military supports these terrorists? When they are in government, the terrorists can live on vacation. When the military is not in power, the terrorist raise hell, so that concerned citizens like you see it as the fault of the civilians and bring the military back.


  • Dhoka
    Jan 2, 2012 - 1:32PM

    @Salim – You seem to belong to the enemy neighbour of Pakistan and know very well that Pakistan’s military is a thorn in the way of the enemies and terror masters. Indian Trolls are easily detected by the Pakistanis


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