Tribune Take: Veena Malik scandal, a publicity stunt?

Veena Malik's photo shoot, regardless of nudity, could be a publicity ploy by FHM and/or the actor.

Mahawish Rezvi December 05, 2011

In today’s episode of the Tribune Take we look at the ongoing fallout of the Veena Malik nude photo shoot scandal.

Maha Amin, senior sub-editor of The Express Tribune's Life & Style pages, discusses Veena Malik's claims that the cover of For Him Magazine (FHM) is a fake.

Malik has filed for monetary damages against FHM to the sum of Indian Rs100,000,000 following their release of two magazine covers featuring the diva naked.

Amin says the blatant ISI references are a publicity stunt owned by Malik herself, adding that even in a bikini with a grenade in her mouth, the photo shoot was bound to cause an uproar.

The nudity aspect of the scandal being a publicity stunt seems like a far fetched idea, Amin adds.

Whatever the case, the nude covers have garnered ample attention for the little known FHM magazine along with press for the Pakistani actor as well.

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angry | 9 years ago | Reply

@Altaf Hussain, @ Mohsin,

well i must say that i am ashamed of ur concepts about this so called "nude art", my dear brother this social "liberalism" of yours is termed as immodesty in our religion and obviously i don't have a right to stop that shameless woman but i have every right to express my disgust.your concepts about religion seem to be greatly contaminated it looks as if you have never opened the Quran or else u would know that Islam promotes peace and freedom and purdah is for protecting this freedom of women not suffocating them. i perfectly agree with KILLUMINATI. i have never said that i am a perfect Muslim but there is no doubt that Islam is a perfect religion and for mohsin i don't want to drag this India-Pak conflict in this argument so plz keep ur views with u and do think that if revealing ur body is "modernism" and "liberalism" then animals are way more modern and liberal than us. and i think that porn and nudity is not promoted even in the respectable families of India whether hindus or muslims, so just limit your liberal views 2 ur self.

Zalim singh | 9 years ago | Reply


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