NATO, ISAF carried out attack on purpose: Pakistan Army

No expect­ations of any result­s coming from inquir­y into incide­nt, say army offici­als.

Express November 29, 2011

RAWALPINDI: International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) carried out the cross-border attack on purpose and there are no expectations of any results coming from the inquiry.

The statements were made at a media briefing by Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Waheed Arshad and Director General (DG) Military Operations General Ashfaq on Tuesday.

They said that currently the rethinking of military relations with the United States was underway and the final decision would be taken by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

They said the inquiries into the June 2008, September 2010 and July 2011 incidents had no results either.

There are four Pakistan and Isaf Afghanistan joint coordination centres, and the attack took place despite procedures being in place, they said.

They said there had been no violation by Pakistan on the Mohmand Agency border. Nato and Isaf were aware  of the border check posts in the area and had fired on them from 12:05am to 2:15am.

The Pakistani officer at the Tactical Operation Centre in Afghanistan had been misinformed, they said, adding that an American sergeant had told him that a Pakistan check post had fired on Special Forces in the border area and had changed his statement after seven minutes saying the fire had come from a different check post.

They said Volcano was the first check post that was attacked and communication had been cut off right after. Soldiers at the Boulder check post fired 26 air bursts but did not go after the helicopters as the situation could have gotten bad.

Company Commander, Major Mujahid was killed when he was going to Boulder check post, they said.

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xeejay | 8 years ago | Reply | Recommend

They bombarded nukes on Hiroshima and said "it was necessary to keep peace". They funded and fueled many regime changes in the name of democracy. They attacked Iraq on allegations of WMDs and later said sorry it was intelligence failure. They have killed thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan to punish what Osama Bin Laden (their version) did with WTC. Cutting short they now attacked Pakistani check posts and are saying "ït was not purposefully"..... What a country is US with no morality, humanity or sense.

1stResponder | 8 years ago | Reply | Recommend

@Shyam: no, what came to my mind as far as investigations are things like raymond davis, which the usa promised to investigate but did nothing. [the last thing i read about him is that he was arrested somewhere in the usa for beating up and old guy over a parking space! he's an uneducated thug] i also think of aafia siddiqui, and the 9 kids gunned down while they were collecting firewood in march, 2011, and all the accidental civilian deaths in night raids, and the single torture/death case that the 'justice' dept has decided to 'investigate' out of 100s, and the 3 simultaneous 'suicides' in gitmo in 2006- depressing things like that. but the usa is sure putting a lot of work into investigating julian assange who dared to expose their underhandedness and lies. i dont live in a good country. i thot it was, but its not. i wont be loyal to something that seems garbage to me. i dont know why euro bends to its will. i guess its a question of money. everyone's integrity is for sale.

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