Mumbai Attacks: Pakistan needs 'credible evidence', says Rehman Malik

Interior Minister says Pakistan released Hafiz Saeed because Indian evidence was "vague, insufficient".

Express November 25, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has asked India to provide "credible evidence" against the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks so that they do not secure release from Pakistan's courts reported Express 24/7 on Friday.

Speaking to Express News at Police Lines Islamabad, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that Pakistan did take action against Hafiz Saeed and others based on evidence provided by India but the suspects were release because the information was "vague and insufficient".

He added that “Pakistan is ready to take action on information provided by India, which is also compulsory in the court.”

Earlier this month Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai had refuted Rehman Malik’s claim about insufficient information, stating that evidence provided by India to Pakistan with regards to those accused in the Mumbai attacks case was sufficient.


hedgefunder | 9 years ago | Reply

@Samir: "Rehman Malik is a joke and we have made Pakistan into a joke by the way we treat the rest of the world and backstab everyone. No wonder now that no one cares about the NATO strike on Pakistani soldiers – we have lost all credibility in the world. "

What did you expect from rest of the global community, when the people in charge of Nation are so inept at their jobs ???? Have you noticed no messages of condolences or support from any of the Muslin Nations or for that matter from that all weather friend, China !!!! This should show to the rulers in Pakistan that the world is catching on to their duplicity and deceit in their War on Terror !!!

Udaya Bose | 9 years ago | Reply

Rehman Malik is right. How can he get credible evidence from !NCREDIBLE !NDIA ???

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