Haqqani meets Grossman before boarding Pakistan bound flight

State Department says they still consider Haqqani to be Pakistan's Ambassador to the US.

Huma Imtiaz November 19, 2011

WASHINGTON: As Memogate continues in Pakistan and the United States, Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani met with the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Ambassador Marc Grossman hours before boarding a flight back home.

A State Department official, who did not wish to be named, said that the case of the memo was discussed in the meeting.

The official added that Ambassador Grossman said he had never seen the memo until it was made public. He also referred back to Admiral Mullen’s comments on the memo.

In comments issued via his spokesperson in Foreign Policy, Admiral Mullen did not find the memo credible when he received it.

Earlier on Friday, the State Department spokesperson Mark Toner told reporters at the press briefing that he was not going to engage in speculation. “Our understanding is that he’s still the ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, and we continue to have regular interactions with him, as we do with a number of people with – both within the Pakistani Government.”

Toner added that the United States “clearly support the democratically elected Government of Pakistan, as well as its constitutional processes.”

Haqqani on a flight to Pakistan

Pakistan's Ambassador waved good bye to America, maybe the last time as a Pakistani envoy to the US, as he boarded a flight back to his motherland.

Minutes before his flight was to take off, the ambassador tweeted:
On way to motherland. #Pakistan



hedgefunder | 9 years ago | Reply

@Aslam Niazi: Could not have agreed more with you ! Haqqani is the not only the most credible man for Pakistan in Wahington at present, but only option really, considering the crucial period ahead over next 12-18 months with views in Washington getting harder in regards to Pakistan and their Aid. Furthermore in all sincerity, everything stated in the Memo is actually true about the state of Pakistan today !!!

Aslam Niazi | 9 years ago | Reply

Not a fan of Haqqani, but it would be worst if he is sacked on fake evidences of a person who has no love lost of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that our agencies become super active to trace politicians, but when it comes to real terrorists, it has no clue at all. What are Mansoor Ijaz Thoughts for Pakistan are quite interesting for those who think that they are ideological and Territorial defenders of Pakistan and paying heed to Mansoor’s alleged Memo and if they are giving the memo so much importance then should read this:- “A rescue plan for Pakistan Without bold, urgent action, the country – and its nuclear weapons – could fall to the Taliban. By Mansoor Ijaz / April 24, 2009 Mansoor Ijaz, an American of Pakistani descent, is a venture capitalist and financier.” Here is the link of his article. http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2009/0424/p09s01-coop.html. After reading this article one can find what his murky thoughts about Pakistan military are and Government. He is wolf in sheep clothing. Hussain Haqqani is most credible and worthy diplomat of Pakistan, if he loses his job it would be a great blow for this country.

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