Drugs to enter the school curriculum

The ministry of Narcotics Control in collaboration with the ministry of Education will develop a curriculum against drugs.

July 21, 2010

The ministry of Narcotics Control in collaboration with the ministry of Education will develop a curriculum against drugs for inclusion in text books at primary secondary, higher secondary schools and universities.

An official of ministry of Narcotics Control told APP on Wednesday that a one page message against drugs will be included in all text and note books of schools colleges.

"Ministries of Sports, Culture, and Youth Affairs would arrange regular sports competitions and cultural activities at district tehsil level to engage youth in healthy activities and prevent them from falling prey to drug abuse" he said.

The official said that community mobilization and broader public campaigns against drugs will be launched using the internet, mobile phones, radio and TV mediums.

"Awareness will also be created using mosques and khateebs and ulema" he said.

He further said "The Ministry of Narcotics Control in collaboration with Ministry of Religious Affairs will develop special courses on drug abuse prevention for students and teachers of madrasas"


Syed A. Mateen | 11 years ago | Reply Pakistanis must say "No to drugs". We must try to build a nation which should be free of drugs. We should also send message to such children and elders who are presently using drugs and cannot play a positive role in the society due to the very reason that some how the other they have become adicted to drugs. Drugs are not restricted to Heroin, Charas, Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD, Crack, inhaling Samad Bond etc, but use of Alcohol should also be included in the list of drugs. One and very important point is that many Medical Stores in the country are also selling sleeping pills and other related medicines without Doctor's prescription to students. The Ministery of Health should use law enforcing agencies to raid such Medical Stores who are invloved in selling medicines to such students and youngters, who often go and buy these drugs without the prescriptions of Doctors. These Medical Stores should be included in the list of "drug sellers".
Angelos | 11 years ago | Reply A very good initiative!
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