Police arrest 11 suspects over Hindu killing

Relatives of deceased file case against Salim Bhayo, Naeem, Adbdullah, Abdul Latif, Abdul Ghani and other suspects.

November 09, 2011

Police arrested 11 out of 15 people who were allegedly involved in the killing of three hindus in Shikarpur near Sukkur on Wednesday, Express 24/7 reported.

Police are searching for the remaining four accused in the case.

The incident occurred earlier on Monday in Chak town and the dead were identified as Dr Ajit Kumar while the two businessmen were identified as Naresh Kumar and Ashok Kumar.

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The relatives of the deceased had filed a case against Salim Bhayo, Naeem, Adbdullah, Abdul Latif, Abdul Ghani and other suspects.

The Hindu community in Shikarpur had been in conflict with the Muslim Bhayo community over an alleged case of sexual assault. The Muslim community alleged that three members of the Hindu community had sexually assaulted a girl from their community a few weeks ago and the Muslim community wanted to exact revenge.

Various nationalist parties in Sindh had demanded the arrest of the gunmen within 72 hours, while the city continued to mourn the killings for the second consecutive day.

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punjabi zubaan | 8 years ago | Reply | Recommend

@Ali Tanoli: so ur justifying this by comparing them to kashmir? wow ,u truly are a pakistani.

Sobriquet | 8 years ago | Reply | Recommend

@Jahanzeb Khan: Get your facts right. There is enough evidence (in stone) that Babri Masjid, as is the case with the Mosque in Mathura and the Qutub complex in Delhi were all built after destroying Hindu and Dharmic sites. In addition, Babri Masjid was not being used by Musims for prayer since the mid-1940s. Up to 1940 it was known as Masjid-i-Janmasthan but the Muslim co-adminstrators of the property strategically changed its name to Babri Masjid to disassociate it from the words Ramkot and "Janmasthan".

According to the British-rule archives of Faizabad, in 1855, both Hindus and Muslims worshipped in the same building but a couple of years later Muslims barred the Hindus from entering the compound. As yourself: first, WHY would Hindus have a temple in a Mosque? And second, when the Hindus were already worshipping, what right did the Muslims have to stop them?

Historically Muslims have destroyed places of worship that belonged to other religions—from the original temple in Mecca to hundreds of sites in India, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Serbia, among others. Even in Jerusalem the Haram e-Sharif is built on TOP of a Jewish Temple!

God is not the property of Muslims so they have to stop behaving as if this is the case. The day Muslims can find an answer as to why they behave in this manner, they will come one step closer to solving their conflict with other religions and also within Islam.

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