Stop fighting America's war: Imran Khan

Khan says army should halt its operation in tribal areas as people of FATA are against military action.

Express October 28, 2011
Stop fighting America's war: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Over a thousand workers, followers and activists joined a rally led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan in Islamabad on Friday demanding an immediate end to US drone strikes in Pakistan, Express 24/7 reported.

Imran Khan and prominent PTI leaders were part of the rally outside the parliament house.

More than a thousand people were present at the Constitution Avenue, chanting slogans against US drone strikes, also calling upon the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice against the strikes.

Security personnel were on high alert and gave full protection to the rally.

The rally began from China Chowk and ended outside the Parliament House.

Earlier, Khan advised the Pakistan Army not to fight America’s war in the country.

He said this while addressing the Waziristan Grand Jirga against drone strikes in Islamabad.

Khan said that the army should halt its operation in the tribal areas as people of that region are against a military action there. The PTI chairman added that "some elements" are manipulating facts to prove that tribal people favour such operations.

He also said that Pakistan is being pressured into initiating an operation in North Waziristan.

A resolution passes at the Jirga against drone attacks asks the Supreme Court to take action against such strikes.

There have been over 270 drone strikes inside Pakistan to date.

You can view a slideshow of images from the rally here.


Pity | 12 years ago | Reply

So the idea of Superficial liberals(who are actually anti liberal, American "drones" themselves) is that since we cannot disarm them we should bomb the whole vicinity in which they exist? (Fear for the day when a similar logic is directed against you). Moreover, we are not willing to concede that it may be the case that a shift in a subservient policy may create space for their disarmament; perhaps the number of suicide attacks can be reduced with a decrease in militarism and American stooging, something in which an increase directly corresponds to increase in suicide attacks itself?

This country is surely doomed; because we dont like the zealots we'll kill our own Sorry we have no better option. I just hope(i sincerely dont, but it seems like the only way of awakening the numbed minds incapable of thinking clearly about a just and working approach in light of the emotionalism the people embodying them are filled with) a drone lands on an urban target alleged to be holding militants who may be hiding.

If there is a God, then may he bless you guys.

MarkH | 12 years ago | Reply @Natasha Suleman: Did you know that you have super powers? With just your words alone, I have gotten at least 5 bruises on my forehead and a broken desk. I'll let you prove your argument is faulty, yourself, instead of just the obviously futile attempt to talk to a wall. Go get a gun and point it towards a military officer or even a policeman and see if you don't get immediately shot in the face. You conveniently skip over other aspects of the law and they're ones that destroy all traces of the foundation for your argument. If a criminal does not put the life of another into danger during the arrest, they are not to be harmed. If that same criminal does pose a threat to someone's life, they can be killed. Now, tell me when the last time it was you saw a picture of a militant that didn't have a gun strapped to his arm and says that peaceful surrender is an actual option. Suicide bombs are also not just used for guys to run into a crowd and kill themselves. The same thing happens with the militants facing capture. The way you speak of doing things amounts to becoming target practice for them and nothing more. they'd smile and flip a coin to see who gets to do the killing before you even reach their hearing range.
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