Pakistan will suffer dire consequences if it fails to contain terrorists: Clinton

After Islamabad visit, Clinto­n says US wants Pakist­an to carry out action­s agains­t terror­ists in a covert manner

Express October 24, 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Pakistan will face “dire consequences” if it fails to  contain terrorists operating from its soil.

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Clinton made this statement in an interview with Bloomberg News two days after she visited Islamabad, adding that Pakistan requires help from the US and Afghanistan to battle militancy.

She added that the US administration does not want Pakistan to overtly launch an military offensive against the banned outfits and forces that attack US and Afghan forces, but carry out clandestine actions.

There are “different ways of fighting besides overt military action,” she said.

Clinton said that she urged Pakistan to share intelligence with the US forces station in Afghanistan to foil attacks and block supply routes.

She also said that better synchronization might curtail incidents like the attack on the American Embassy in Kabul for which the US blamed the Haqqani network.

Clinton commended Pakistan’s recent cooperation and said:
Because of intelligence sharing and mutual cooperation, we have targeted three of the top al Qaeda operatives since bin Laden’s death. That could not have happened without Pakistani cooperation.

Clinton said that the assailants that are targeting US and Afghan might break violence in Pakistan as well.

She also said that Pakistan could also benefit from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces based in neighbouring Afghanistan while the 130,000 troop is there before 2014, when US would have pulled out troops and the security control will be handed over to Afghan government.


VINOD | 11 years ago | Reply

@Arbab M. Waseem: Dear Sir, we all know that it was the creation of USA.They were smart to draw Pakistan in this. But what purpose it will serve to face the reality to day. The fact is today you have snakes in your back yard. Who brought them, we all know, but how to get rid of these snakes is our problem and we must face it. The answer is to stop selective support of snakes - kill them all otherwise these will bite all of us.

buttjee | 11 years ago | Reply

@Rafi Ka Deewana: You are absolutely right. India is your country and we wish you well in your homeland. After all why should we think about the Muslims of India. They are not the only Muslims in the world. We the Pakistanis should not feel concerned even if Narinder Modi kills another few thousands of your creed or if some of you face the police brutalities on fake charges or the Indian Government lets loose its state terrorism against the people of Kashmir or if some Muslim Kashmiri women are raped by the Indian security forces. Like wise your no one to advise us on fighting the terrorism or blaming us for double gaming. You have a mind set thoroughly poluted with Anti Pakistan propaganda. The fact which people should know is that there was no terrorism in Pakistan before the US invasion of Afghanistan and before the unholy nexus between the Tajik minority set up in Kabul and the Indian Intelligence had flourished under the sponsorship of US. By the US definition you may consider Taliban as terrorists but they are actually fighting for the liberation of their country. On the other hand Pakistan has experienced Terrorism originating from Afghanistan. We have successfully fought the terrorism we know how to fight terrorism, much better than anyone else would know. By the way tell me any country related to the Afghan conflict which is not shamelessly involved in double gaming. Every country has the right to defend its national interests and Pakistan should not be expected to be an exception.

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