Tere Bin gets banned in Pakistan

Published: July 14, 2010
Tere Bin will not be released in Pakistan on July 16. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Tere Bin will not be released in Pakistan on July 16. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Tere Bin may have its share of fans across the border – including Salman Khan and Karan Johar – but it hasn’t won any support with the censor board.

The film has been rejected from screening in the country by the Central Board of Film Censors.

Tere Bin tells the story of a Karachi-based reporter who shoots a video with an Osama bin Laden lookalike to garner fame (and get a visa to the US). It was scheduled to release on July 16.

Ali Zafar is currently in India, where he has been promoting the film heavily. In a statement issued to the press about the censor board’s decision, Zafar said, “People will be viewing the film anyway through pirated DVDs.  I just wish that they had gotten a chance to go to the theatre and watch this spectacle under such a positive light that Pakistan requires internationally.”

An official from the censor board told The Express Tribune that the movie had some ‘objectionable’ content and could spark controversies. He said that the matter has been forwarded to the appellate board constituted by the federal ministry of culture.

The appellate board has the authority to allow or ban screening of the film. However, in either case the movie will not be released in Pakistan on July 16. Exhibitor Nadeem Mandviwalla told The Express Tribune, “This is a mindset in our governments that we don’t support legal ways. We want to screen the movie in Pakistan legally but it has been banned and now cable operators and makers of pirated DVDs will let people watch the film illegally,” he said.

Citing the example of Shah Rukh Khan’s film My Name is Khan, Mandviwalla said that the Shiv Sena had warned the Indian government against screening the film but the government took a stand and provided police protection to cinemas. “We have adopted a legal way. The ball lies in the government’s court, whether they support this legal procedure or not,” he said.

Ali Zafar also hopes that the government will overturn the decision. “I hope and request to the government that they approve such a pro-Pakistani film that would slide upon grave issues as terrorism in a light-hearted and jolly film. This film is more of a 95-minute peace tape which by and large reflects the ideology of our nation.”

Zafar says that he will “respect the decision of the censor board and the concerned authorities.” The musician said, “The fate of the film in Pakistan is up to God’s will and His decisions are never wrong. But I do feel unfortunate that a film in a lighter tone – about a Pakistani and Pakistan – and which looks at sensitive issues that we as Muslims and Pakistanis face, is going to be released all over the world and not Pakistan. There is nothing in the film which could be hurtful to anyone’s ideology if seen with an open mind. Perhaps the lines said to Bush about his oil invading policies were a subject of concern for them, but when the whole world has made a remark on it including Hillary Clinton then why can’t we? We should not be afraid of voicing our thoughts and what concerns us directly. This film is the first of its kind and will be seen legally worldwide and illegally in Pakistan on the same date. Isn’t that funny?”

The title of the film was changed to Tere Bin from Tere Bin Laden for Pakistan by Ali Zafar, who was distributing the film in the country.  Zafar told The Express Tribune last week, “The sensibilities in Pakistan are somewhat different from the international market and our main intention was to ensure that people do not conceive it was a spoof of Osama bin Laden or the Taliban because it is not; it is a very pro-Pakistan comedy about a Pakistani journalist wanting to go to the US.” With additional reporting by the News Desk

Published in The Express Tribune, July 15th, 2010.

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Reader Comments (14)

  • Mustafa
    Jul 15, 2010 - 12:47AM

    So sad :-(Recommend

  • Rohail Khan
    Jul 15, 2010 - 12:57AM

    Tere Bin Laden gets banned in Pakistan. LOL. Get civilized people!

    Pakistan will need at least more than a thousand years to become a mature, responsible and a caring state. But wait a minute, Pakistan is going backwards with the terrorists/mullahs blowing up schools etc and bombing shopping malls, and forcing women to wear terrorists’ outfits (burqas/veils), so I think there will be no Pakistan in the future. Or, there will be Pakistan, but it will be a synonym of Afghanistan.Recommend

  • Humanist
    Jul 15, 2010 - 1:22AM

    A case of our government fearing the reaction of the militant groups and possible violent out clash.
    Religious radicalism scaring freedom into submission. That is, unfortunately, the situation in our country right now.Recommend

  • Monkey
    Jul 15, 2010 - 1:29AM

    Very, very disappointed. Recommend

  • Jul 15, 2010 - 1:35AM

    @ Rohail Khan… First of all you are all these things are not taking us back, This time actually is a hard time for Pakistan and every great nation faces it, for instance you should read the history of Japan, America and China they all were not the Civilized, mature and sensible from the beginning, So i guess if you think you belongs to a mature, Sensible and civilized family then i would ask you to take a look at the ground realities first. or else dont open ur mouth cause it shows the reality of ur family and family members… Secondly The Burqas or Veils are not at all the terrorist outfits and if u r a Muslim then it must be in ur knowledge that it is the dress of all the past respected womens who worked for Islam. And it is upto the women if she likes to wear it or not and i can say it with authority that except the 10 -15% people of Pakistan, no one force women to wear it…. And if u r not a Muslim then take it sensibly and think about it logically… by nature no woman wants herself to bee seen naked or near to naked, so thats why Burqa provides women extra safety.. its just similar to a lolipop or candy, if its covered no fly will stuck to it, if it will be open every next fly and bee would come to it… So its better to do more studies on these sensitive issues rather than just unsensibly barking on these topics….

    And for Tere Bin Laden… I m really very sad for it… But i have got belief on my government that whatever the will do, will do it for the betterment of us…Recommend

  • HIra Shah
    Jul 15, 2010 - 10:12AM

    i want to watch this movie in the movie theatres and cinemas. what the heck is worng this the censor board!! they pass movies having shameful and vulgur dances but this is what they object to. shows their band of mind!
    they should consider the feelings of pakistanis… WE WANT IT TO BE SCREENED IN PAKISTAN!Recommend

  • Jul 15, 2010 - 10:34AM

    Just because of one controversial movie we don’t want our cinemas to be bombed or attacked by militants. Precaution is better than cure.Recommend

  • talha
    Jul 15, 2010 - 1:22PM

    Let’s not forget that we need movies for the revival of cinema and entertainment in these days but not at the resonance of humiliation. This is the moment that Ali zafer and party should realize the timing and has not taken such initiative that can brought embarrassment to the general public.

    The way terrorism is increasing in the country, any single scene can trigger the emotions and in a result we might find a blast and causalities. I just read and seen some scene on the TV about the movie and it looks that it create fun and humor. The decision of the censor board is correct and if someone likes to see it on DVD, it is their censorship, and they are always welcome.

    The coalition movie making should be promoted but not at the cost of our own integrity and independence. The liberalism is a good gesture unless its supports your basic identity and culture.Recommend

  • imran
    Jul 15, 2010 - 1:24PM

    @tanzeel: so u r saying that we should close our doors and stay inside if we dont want to be killed by a bullet in kar. or a bomb in the rest of the country….is that what u r prescribing as a precaution…..or is it bcos we hv lost our ability to think +vely….Recommend

  • Jul 15, 2010 - 2:50PM

    completely agreed with Mr.Ayan Mirza ….thumbs up friend Recommend

  • Jul 16, 2010 - 3:03PM

    @ Imran: No i don’t mean it but I am against provocation of terrorists to which the movie is all about. Recommend

  • Humanist
    Jul 16, 2010 - 8:21PM

    So I believe what you’re saying is that we let them do whatever they want and don’t raise our voices against them because it might provoke them.
    One word perfectly sums that up: Cowardly.

    However I do believe that there was a high security risk in regards to showing the movie on cinemas. But I don’t agree with outright banning it.Recommend

  • aysha qs
    Jul 29, 2010 - 6:27AM

    i completely dis agree with rohail ‘s point of view about the islamic traditions about burqa & hijaab fr muslim ladies.one should not critisize all that to b labelled modern & open minded,ppl like mentioned above disgrace islam & muslims..i support ayan mirza’s views.ppl should think thousand times before rediculing hijaab & islamic laws &to say, pakistan wont survive,may face allah’s wrath ..they better correct their abnormal mindset..i do not take hijAB ,but honour others who do it,,ppl shuld learn to respect good virtues ,if unable to follow them…ali zafar shud’nt hav worked in a controvrtial plot film as bin ladin…if there is no humiliation in this project,then why only humour based on osama,why not on bush or any other western leader..v pakistanis shud try to figure out the biasism ,& shud point it out not support it !!Recommend

  • Aug 4, 2010 - 12:11PM

    Tere Bin Laden, is a fun movie with no intentions of denigrating any community . It is movie, that sparks a ‘novel’ idea from a dream to be elsewhere in the world . In no way does it put any community into a hyper mode for angry or violent reactions. In Pakistan, i have seen and heard umpteenth tales of humor in prose and poems. The humor is so blue blood (pure) that it does not shy them to laugh upon themselves or home situations . This movie, is merely a platform for a humorous tale created out of a hypothetical situation and thus entertains the audience in good measure . We all know humor can have many colors and this one doesn’t even have any dark shades . And to think, that without even watching the movie, some of us comment only for the sake of being heard and use the opportunity to incite or excite masses ….forwarding our warped thinking and agenda onto to ppl who know no better. I hail this movie, as an outright entertainer that has brought laughs amongst both Indians and Pakistanis alike with no malice towards either. Recommend

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