US met Haqqani network: Clinton

US official says ISI arranged Haqqani network meeting that took place in the summer.

Afp October 21, 2011

ISLAMABAD: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday admitted the United States held one exploratory meeting with the Haqqani network, which an official said took place before a series of massive attacks.

"In fact, the Pakistani government officials helped to facilitate such a meeting," Clinton told a roundtable with television journalists watched by the US travelling media.

A US official said the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) had arranged for the meeting with the group that took place "in the summer", before two symbolic anti-American attacks in Afghanistan.

Following two days of talks in Afghanistan and Pakistan designed to hasten an end to the 10-year war Clinton said that "we do not see any contradiction" between fighting and talking.

"And we want more coordination between the United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan for what must be, with respect to the conflict, an Afghan-led effort," the chief US diplomat said.

"We believe that there is now an opportunity for us to begin talking, but there is no guarantee that the talking will result in anything that will move us toward a peaceful resolution," Clinton said.

"We are going to continue fighting where necessary to protect our interests, and so are the Pakistani military because you cannot allow terrorists to gain ground," she said.

"But we are also open to talking. We have reached out to the Taliban, we have reached out to the Haqqani network to test their willingness and their sincerity," she said.

"And we're now working among us - Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States - to try to put together a process that would sequence us toward an actual negotiation," she said.

But referring to the meeting with the Haqqani network, she said "we're not in any kind of negotiations. We've had one preliminary meeting just to see if they would show up."

A State Department official said later the meeting occurred in the summer before a truck bombing wounded 77 Americans on a US base and a 19-hour siege of the US embassy in Kabul, both in September and both blamed on the Haqqanis.

"We have had a lot of informal straws in the wind. It was one meeting. It was in summer," the official said.

"We had it because ISI asked us to have it, and the Afghans also knew about it and our message was very clear: 'the door is open to those who can meet these red lines, and those who want to keep fighting us... we are prepared for that fight."


PMC | 11 years ago | Reply

USA should stop paying Pakistan so Called Billions of dollars immediately and let the Pakistanis solve their own destiny. The so called billions does not support ordinary Pakistani, it only goes to plunderers and the looters like Politicians, bureaucrats and cronies in the name of aid or support. These ashrafia loot the country and bring back to western banks. Pakistan gets in debts. USA needs money for their own poor people for jobs, infrastructure, education and health. Otherwise there is uprising coming to USA sooner than later.

Asif | 11 years ago | Reply


Pakistan should leave Afghans alone and stop supporting this doomed US war on the Afghan people.

Afghanistan has the right to self determination just as any other nation. US attacked Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, Afghanistan, the list goes on. They need no justification, they make them up themselves. In regards to terrorism, foreigners have been meddling in the Muslim world for far too long. In recent times, this started wiht the soup on Mossadeq of Iran after he nationalized OIL.

Fearngiyan need to leave the Muslim world alone. That is your answer.

@CSMann. US attacked Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, Afghanistan, the list goes on and on. US planned the coup that removed Mossadeq from power, and installed the Shah. There was no terrorism there. Fortunately, with the decline of the US economy, they no longer can wage anymore wars.

Recently, and in a limited way, US invaded Uganda with 100 forces. They wish they could have sent more, but they have lost that ability due to a failing economy.

Game over. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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