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Some people allege that the legislators are simply using degrees belonging to people with the same name as them.

Hafeez Tunio July 09, 2010

Fake-degree fever has spread to Sindh. While some people maintain that parliamentarians have bought degrees from university administrations others allege that the legislators are simply using degrees belonging to people with the same name as them.

The case of Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawala falls somewhere in between. He was given a seat reserved for minorities in the Sindh Assembly.

According to official sources, Chawala belongs to Kashmore district and has been living in Karachi. However, according to his degree, which he submitted for the 2008 elections, he studied in a college in Thatta district under the Hyderabad Board as an external student.

“His Master’s degree, which he had submitted to the Election Commission, is genuine but his undergraduate degree is counterfeit,” sources alleged, thereby indicating that the minister had acquired his Master’s degree on the basis of a fake Bachelors.

The undergraduate degree had been bought off a man with the same name and the same father’s name as Chawala. The only difference was the surname Bansari, which did not prove to be much of a hurdle in the degree transactions, sources added.

Photocopies of the two degrees with the same seat number, 10444, have been obtained by The Express Tribune. They show that the BA examination forms have different photographs, one bearing that of Mukesh Kumar son of Baghawandas Bansari in Thatta and the other of the minister, Chawala. Other than that, details on the forms are almost identical, the only difference being that Chawala wrote down his first name as Mukesh Kumar Chawala and his surname as Bansari, exchanging his actual surname Chawala with his namesake’s surname. Chawala and Bansari are two separate families of the Hindu community.

“Later, on the basis of this [Bachelor’s degree] he did his masters from Sindh University in 2006,” said Amar Lal, a petitioner who had challenged Chawala’s degree in the election tribunal and Sindh High Court.

Lal said that due to financial constraints neither could he pursue the case nor could he hire a senior lawyer to fight it. As a result, both of the degrees were declared genuine and verified on December 12, 2007 by the election tribunal.

Talking to The Express Tribune, second-time MPA Mukesh Kumar Chawala said that these allegations were part of a conspiracy against him. All my degrees are genuine, he said.

When asked why he did his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Thatta when he lived in Kashmore, he replied, “Because my uncle Arjandas Chawala lives in Thatta, I graduated from there. The election tribunal has declared the degree genuine. There is no reason to call my degrees fake.” According to Chawala, all his education was carried out in Thatta because his uncle’s family lived there.

However, Dileep Kumar Kewalramani of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, who belongs to Chawala’s area, said that no member of the Chawala family lives in Thatta. “Since his degrees are counterfeit, we will now take this case to the Supreme Court in order to expose his fraud,” he added.

Publsihed in The Express Tribune, July 10th, 2010.


JAI KUMAR | 11 years ago | Reply Dear Hafeez Tunio sab weldone. Your story is 2000 percent correct. When the degree of Mukesh Kumar was challenged before the high court tribunal via elecion appeals no 62/2007. The hearing was made on 13.12.o7 at Karachi. I was present myself in the court. The hearing took almost two hours and the prominent lawyer Farukh Naseem was pleading against Mukesh Kumar Chawala. During the hearing controller exminiation of Board of Intermediate and secondary education, Hyderabad appeared appeared before the court and displayed all the record of the certificates.Where the controller proved that Mukesh Kumar Chawala never appeared in intermediate exams and the outword numbers shown on the certificates of mr. Chawala meant for som other purposes. The judges at the end of the hearing said " Mr. Mukesh Kumar we are sorry. Youe degree is fake. you cannot contest the election." At this point the lawyer of Mukesh Kumar jumped in and requested the court to give them just one day. The next day hearing took just five miniutes where the judges declared " The intermediate certificate of Mr. Mukesh Kumar is fake. whereas, the degree in question is BA. Today is the last of deciding appeals so the petitioner may approach high court and tribunal will not decide it." Thanks to PCO Judges. The enoromous wealth left by the father by Mukesh Kumar saved him from being disqulified. Dear Tunio. Keep it up. It will be great service to the nation in general and minority in particular. JAI KUMAR
saad | 11 years ago | Reply What the digress holders has done for Pakistan. Justice Safdar matriculation has said to be not available but he give the verdict to be proud of.Mian jaffar shah of Pakhtoonkhua was a keen minister with only 8 class education.Better look for the corruption If someone has made fortune by curruption should be tried. i bit that 90% of Senate,Parliament,,export,even religious affair with zakat,all are corrupt this is in need to be interrogated.even for the seats of Senate of tribal areas was sold for 75 millions each mna.did any agency take it for investigation,which need no investigation because it was processed in day light .
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