Rabbani’s assassin was a Pakistani: Kabul

Islamabad rejects allegations, calls the slain Afghan leader ‘a great friend’.

Agencies October 02, 2011

KABUL: Pakistan came out with a stout denial to Afghan claims on Sunday that the assassin of ex-Afghan president and peace envoy Burhanuddin Rabbani was a Pakistani born in Chaman.

“Evidence shows that Rabbani’s death last month “was plotted in Quetta and the person who carried out the suicide attack against Rabbani was a citizen of Pakistan,” a statement from Afghanistan’s presidential palace said, citing investigators. It added that the killer had been living in Chaman.

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Rabbani, chairman of the High Peace Council, was killed on September 20. Karzai’s government has been struggling to start talks with the Taliban in a bid to end the 10-year insurgency in Afghanistan but has made no meaningful progress. His spokesman Siamak Herawi said on Sunday that the president was reviewing his peace strategy, adding that he would reveal next steps “very soon”.

Afghan Interior Minister Bismillah Mohammadi, giving testimony in parliament on Saturday, alleged that the Inter-Services Intelligence played a role in the killing.

Islamabad strongly rejected “the baseless allegations”, calling Burhanuddin Rabbani a “martyr” and “a great friend” who lived in Pakistan for a long time and had many friends here. Lutfullah Mashal, a spokesperson for the Afghan spy agency, said on Saturday that the administration had handed Pakistan’s embassy evidence, including names and addresses of the people in Quetta, who had plotted Rabbani’s killing.

“The so-called evidence given to Pakistan’s Embassy in Kabul is actually a confessional statement of an Afghan national, Hamidullah Akundzadeh, accused of masterminding the assassination,” said a statement issued by the Foreign Office. However, it added that the authority concerned would work on this piece of information. “The Afghan interior minister did not say that the assassin had been four days in the guest house of the High Peace Council managed by Afghans close to Rabbani”, the statement added.

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“The assassin was also apparently not body searched before the meeting. These facts are also part of the confession handed over to the embassy”. It also said that “the interior minister’s statement is all the more regrettable as Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had himself offered cooperation in the investigation, during his visit to Kabul”. “Instead of making such irresponsible statements, those in positions of authority in Kabul, should seriously deliberate as to why all those Afghans who are favourably disposed towards peace and towards Pakistan are systematically being removed from the scene and killed,” the statement added.

Rally in Kabul

On Sunday, hundreds of Afghans took to the streets of Kabul to condemn recent shelling of border towns by Pakistan Army and accusing the ISI of involvement in Rabbani’s assassination. Under tight security, the one-hour rally passed without any incidents.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 3rd, 2011.


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an avid lover | 9 years ago | Reply

@Diggvijay Singh: Pakistan has been a front-line state in the global war against terror and, not only in the recent past but over many decades,

how you can talk like this? Give some solid examples. pakistan in one main contributor in creating and spreading terrorism for its strategic depth. if it is fighting terror today to same extent only which is not under its control and going out of it's hand as a strategic tool. do you think this is an unnecessary statement and only for vilifying to pakistan?

it has made a giant contribution to regional development and growth.

you are joking, aren't you?

Even after these false allegations by Hamid Karzai which are so woefully short of the kind of hard evidence that could pass the test of rigorous logical scrutiny in a Pakistani court of law

how you can say these are false allegation? Listen friend it is not a city crime for which a concrete evidence can be produced in few days, it is a game of intelligece agencies. and after all even you don't have any one strong argument that these allegations are false.

Pakistan’s response has been mature and conciliatory. Rather than bashing Pakistan, we need to appreciate Pakistan’s commitment to gift the world a strong and stable Afghanistan.

you are making yourself ridiculous now.

1stResponder | 9 years ago | Reply

hi all, i'm a dumb american, but i 1st want to say that i have no problem with afghans, pakistanis, indians, muslims, etc. i tend to be more suspicious of my own gov. i just have a question. mullah omar and the haqqanis are supposed to be living in quetta, pakistan, right? they are the ones that karzai is saying are responsible, right? how are they able to live there in total secrecy? why arent they brought in for questioning? [i suppose that's a stupid question. they would probably be droned if the usa knew where they were.] does mullah omar ever make public statements? the haqqanis seem like a totally bad lot. arent they the ones behind that hotel bombing? why is mullah omar working with them? if mullah omar is the main voice behind taliban resistance to occupying forces, why doesnt that man speak and send some emissary to work with the afghan gov toward at least a cease fire and then to get negotiations toward a settlement? i do think india should back off. there's enuf foreign involvement in afghanistan's future already. the issues between bordering pak and a'stan should be priority. with india in the mix, it makes it harder. i think india should stick exclusively to humanitarian aid and stay out of the politics. someone needs to help those poor afghans. and please dont blame me for what my gov does. if i were prez, the 1st thing i wd do is shut down every weapon building industry in the usa. and then burn the buildings. every ceo would then spend the rest of their lives doing community service. in chains. and then i'd start on the cia and all the myriad secret 'security' agencies in the usa. dont mothers teach their sons that fighting is no way to solve problems anymore? fighters are all idiots.

msg to mullah omar- come out from under your bed and negotiate for peace.

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