Gilani directs Khar to forcefully project Pakistan’s case at UNGA

FM Khar one of few member­s of leader­ship to face US allega­tions of ISI runnin­g proxy war in Afghan­istan.

Express September 25, 2011

ISLAMABAD: As tension prevails between the United States and Pakistan, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, on Sunday, directed Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar to forcefully project Pakistan's point of view in her United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) address.

The Prime Minister House spokesman said that Gilani spoke to Foreign Minister Ms Hina Rabbani Khar twice, and directed her to project Pakistan’s point of view in the General Assembly on September 27.

The spokesman said that the he had directed Khar to return to Pakistan immediately after delivering her speech.

Earlier Express 24/7 reported that Gilani summoned Foreign Minister Khar back to Islamabad on Sunday for the All Parties Conference (APC).

Khar’s presence is said to be vital during the APC as she was one of the few members of the civilian leadership to have been directly approached by US officials regarding allegations of Pakistan running a proxy war in Afghanistan via the Haqqani network.

According to the Pakistan embassy in the United States, Khar will be cutting her trip short and likely flying back to Pakistan directly after her speech. She will meet both Gilani and President Zardari on arrival, say sources.

Gilani on Sunday contacted leaders of various political parties to develop a consensus over the US allegations against Pakistani security institutions via the APC.

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Sources said that the government has decided to take all the political parties on board before drafting a strategy over the allegations by the US that Pakistan was complicit with the Haqqani network responsible for last week’s attack on the US embassy and a Nato headquarters in Kabul.

Gilani contacted Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain and Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandayar Wali .

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On Sunday, Pakistan’s military leadership also unanimously rejected the allegations leveled against Pakistani security institutions by the United States.

The six hour long emergency Corps Commanders meeting chaired by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani concluded in Rawalpindi on Sunday. Sources said no formal declaration of the meeting will be issued.

Chairman joint chiefs of staff committee (CJCSC) General Khalid Shamim Wynne expressed concern over the recent statements made by the US, and said that Pak-US relations need to be improved.


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Ravi | 9 years ago | Reply

Pakistans biggest problem is that it has historicaly depended on the US financially, militarily and also politicaly. Even currenly it is an aid recipient. Thus now acting as an independent entity makes it rather hard. Also if you look at world opinion its really against the Pakistani govt. and military and there is a huge trust deficit. Pakistan denied that the mumbai attackers were Pakistani but they were and also that Osama Bin Laden was not in Pakistan but he was so now even if they deny anything, the world finds its hard to believe them. Also saying the CIA is also involved with many organizations doesnt give a clear position and kind of hints at a guilty stand and that the ISI is involved with the Haqqani network.

Pakistan needs to forget that deals should be made on equality cause nothing in this world works this way. It works on mutual benifit and the stronger party will invariably dictate terms. The first thing Pakistan needs to do is to become financially independent then it can dictate what happens on its territory. Using proxy organizations as leverage will only work in the short run but no one knows what these rogue terrorists are upto and on whose team they are on.

Aamir | 9 years ago | Reply @syed zan You sound pretty insane doling out threats to India, China and everyone else. Pakistan cannot even take care of flood victims of defend against domestic terrorists and here you are talking as if Pakistan is some muscleman. Its insane on part of Pakistan to be messing with US.
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