Airport security – Pakistan Style

July 03, 2010

KARACHI: As a former director general of the Airport Security Force (ASF), I could not help noticing Naveen Naqvi’s article “Airport Security – Pakistan Style” (June 25).  Her security check was part of a

series of security checks carried out by the ASF. I am used to hearing complaints, objections and reservations of about the process. However, I felt happy reading comments on your website by people defending airport security checks. In my humble opinion, the ASF is doing a professional job. They are courteous, but firm in their handling.

The ASF is responsible for safeguarding all airports in Pakistan, including the restricted areas of airports, parking lots, runways, and passengers’ bags. This is not an easy task, considering the volume of people undergoing checks each day. I’d like everyone to note that while almost every other place in the country has witnessed a terrorist attack, airports have been spared. Therefore, we need to show more tolerance for the personnel of ASF who carry out their thankless job around the clock for our safety.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 4th, 2010.


Muhammad Yousaf | 10 years ago | Reply Being an ex-employee of the ASF [Assist: Sub Inspector from 1992 to 1996], I am proud being a part of this prestigious organization. But to be honest there is no any basic facilities for the staff. I worked there in Karachi & Peshawar Airports. As we commanded by Army Brigadier [Later Major General] but I felt political influence there. As I mentioned there is no basic facilities [Still the staff staying in Tents]. No medical facilities. They are working under Army article [Fully disciplined] like Army but no facilities like Army. ASF is the back bone of Pakistan defence but I am sorry to say they have been ignored. They could be more vigilant and motivated if the responsible authorities provide them basic facilities. May Allah Keep Pakistan Safe and secure. ASF zinda Baad Pakistan Painda Baad.
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