Child actor in ‘We Live In Time’ gives adorable nicknames to Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield

The trailer for ‘We Live In Time’ starring Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield has left fans deeply moved.

Pop Culture & Art July 11, 2024

The new trailer for the romantic drama "We Live In Time," featuring Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield, has left fans in tears. The film, directed by John Crowley, follows the relationship of Almut (Pugh) and Tobias (Garfield) over ten years, exploring their journey through love and challenges.

Fans shared their emotional reactions on social media, with one user stating, "Trailer for We Live in Time dropped, I’m crying at work, thanks," and another adding, "Saw the trailer of We Live In Time, it's over for me bros."

Film Updates reported that the child actor in the film still affectionately calls the stars "Mummy Florence" and "Daddy Andrew," adding to the heartfelt nature of the project.

Comparisons were drawn to the 2014 film "The Fault in Our Stars," with fans predicting that "We Live In Time" might evoke similar emotions. One fan noted, "It’s giving The Fault in Our Stars but for adults and it’s gonna make us cry as much if not more than TFIOS."

The movie will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and will be released in theatres on October 11.


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