Worthless lives

Editorial July 11, 2024


How worthless can your life be for people to kill you because you got delayed in preparing food for them? This is the value our society has attached to the lives of millions of women, especially those belonging to the lowest strata. In the most recent incident of domestic violence, a woman, Parveen Bibi, was beaten to death by her husband and his brothers in Layyah because she was late in preparing food. The brutal killing of Parveen Bibi is a stark reminder of the pervasive and deep-rooted issue of gender-based violence in Pakistan. Domestic violence cases are disturbingly common, yet they often go unreported due to societal stigma, fear of retaliation and lack of faith in the justice system. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, thousands of women face domestic violence each year, with many cases remaining hidden behind closed doors. In 2022 alone, over 5,000 cases of domestic violence were reported, but the actual numbers are likely much higher.

This tragic incident underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to combat domestic violence. The government must ensure strict enforcement of existing laws against domestic violence and introduce more robust legal frameworks to protect women. Establishing more shelters and support services for victims is essential, as is providing training for law enforcement officers to handle such cases with the sensitivity and seriousness they deserve.

Public awareness campaigns are also crucial to changing societal attitudes towards women and violence. These campaigns should aim to educate the public about the rights of women and the severe consequences of domestic violence. Community engagement programmes can help foster environments where victims feel safe to speak out and seek help. But most importantly, the government must first identify the root causes behind such behaviours in our men, only then would we be able to address them. Concerted efforts are needed to ensure women are safe, respected and valued.


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