Zack Snyder reveals Henry Cavill’s Superman was supposed to time travel

Snyder casually dropped a seemingly minor detail that could have altered the entire DC Universe.

Pop Culture & Art June 25, 2024
Image: Warner Bros

Zack Snyder's interpretation of Superman is widely considered one of the most controversial approaches to the character.

While many fans eagerly wish to see Henry Cavill reprise the role, it's evident that this portrayal was not entirely faithful. Some elements of the character were omitted, and new aspects introduced that received criticism from fans.

Fans were particularly troubled by the inner darkness depicted in his character, despite efforts to maintain accuracy in his powers and abilities.

In an interview, Snyder disclosed his intended conclusion for the character, hinting at an ability he nearly incorporated into the films, which could have upset many fans.

What did Zack Snyder’s original Superman look like?

In April, Zack Snyder discussed some of his most iconic films of all time in an interview with GQ.

Naturally, he touched on his work for Of course, he discussed his contributions to the DC Universe, beginning with Man of Steel, then addressing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and concluding with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Amid widespread outcry over the director's cut, it emerged that Joss Whedon completed the film, departing significantly from Snyder's original vision.

In the interview, the director of Rebel Moon discussed his initial vision for concluding Superman’s story, which would likely surprise many.

He planned for Superman to fall victim to the Anti-Life Equation, face destruction, rewind time, and then receive the opportunity to confront Darkseid. This would have completed his trilogy, portraying his transformation into a guardian and restoring his humanity.

Discussing a poignant journey for Henry Cavill's character and his evolution towards his ultimate purity, Snyder casually dropped a seemingly minor detail that could have altered the entire DC Universe.

The filmmaker mentioned that Superman would need to "turn the clock back" to receive another opportunity to battle Darkseid.

While he didn't provide more details on his statement, it's conceivable he was suggesting that Cavill's character would gain the ability to time-travel by the film's conclusion.


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