Projects to monitor capital’s air quality

Results will allow insight into pollution’s harmful effects on environment

Our Correspondent June 25, 2024


The environmental monitoring team (EMT) of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) has embarked on two pivotal projects aimed at tackling the critical issues of air and water pollution in Islamabad.

According to the Pak-EPA, air pollution in Islamabad has reached alarming levels, primarily driven by rapid industrialisation, and increasing vehicular traffic, which contribute significantly to the concentration of particulate matter in the air. The resultant pollution poses serious health risks, including respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and other chronic conditions.

Simultaneously, surface water bodies in and around Islamabad are facing contamination from various sources, including industrial discharges, agricultural runoff and domestic waste, leading to deteriorating water quality that threatens both public health and aquatic life.

To combat these alarming situations, Pak-EPA has initiated two projects aimed at studying serious challenges related to air pollution, predominantly from industrial emissions and vehicular traffic, as well as water pollution from various sources. These pollutants pose severe risks to human health and the ecosystem, necessitating immediate and effective action.

The first project is titled ‘Analysis of Airborne Total Suspended Particulate (TSP) Matters’. For this project, the EMT has been diligently collecting 24-hour samples of airborne TSP matter from diverse locations across Islamabad. Sampling sites include the industrial areas of Sectors I-9 and I-10, the commercial hub of G-11 Markaz, and the rural vicinity of Taramri Chowk. Furthermore samples from residential zones and heavy traffic areas will also be collected in upcoming days.

The TSP samples are under analysis to quantify particulate concentration and assess their impact on human health and environment.



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