Joe Rogan reacts to viral ‘hawk tuah’ girl

Podcast host reacts to viral 'hawk tuah' moment, questioning her earnings and sobriety.

Pop Culture & Art June 23, 2024

Joe Rogan recently reacted to the viral sensation known as the "hawk tuah" girl. 

The phenomenon began when YouTubers Tim & Dee TV posted a street interview on June 11, featuring a girl who responded to an NSFW question with a humorous Southern accent, saying, "Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang! You get me?" 


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This snippet quickly went viral, turning Hailey from Tennessee into an internet sensation. Within ten days, the video had millions of views, and TikTokers widely shared it, creating memes and additional content.

During his podcast, Rogan expressed his amusement, saying, "Did you see you got a hawk tuah spit on that thing? Massive. That girl, one video, one girl gets interviewed, and it's just... I love moments like that where one weird video... it's so funny that the whole world sees it. She's the most famous on the planet right now."

Rogan also speculated on her earnings, remarking, "I wonder how much money she's making off of this. Hopefully a lot. It is smart that she jumped right on it because you gotta think it's only been a few days."

The "hawk tuah" girl was later identified as Hailey, who has capitalised on her sudden fame by selling merchandise. Fathead Threads in Belfast, Tennessee, began selling "hawk tuah" merchandise, with Hailey receiving a portion of the proceeds. 

Despite her viral fame, reports suggest Hailey might not fully remember the interview due to being intoxicated during the filming. Rogan humorously noted, "She got blackout drunk; it’s in Nashville. She’s probably hammered."


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