Woody Harrelson explains why he no longer uses a cell phone

Woody Harrelson explains his decision to give up cell phones, citing a preference for more personal interactions

Pop Culture & Art June 21, 2024
Image: Reuters.com

Actor Woody Harrelson recently shared his thoughts on cell phone usage, revealing why he no longer carries one. The 62-year-old star discussed his views during an interview on SiriusXM's "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" podcast with Ted Danson and Kristin Bell.

Harrelson confirmed the claim made by Danson that he doesn't use a cell phone, stating, "Well, I just don't like to have, you know, to be readily available to any human being at any time." He elaborated, "I like to be in touch with people in a way, but I don't like the appendage on my appendage."

He explained that his decision to give up his cell phone came after realizing how quickly he would exceed a self-imposed usage limit. "I made a thing where I'm like, 'Okay, I'm gonna set a two-hour limit on my phone,' because this is, I've given it up now three, three and a half years. But back then I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to set this limit. Two hours.' It's like 9:30. You know, I've already hit my limit at 9:30, so I woke up, and I've been on it two hours already because, cuz you know how it can just keep going and going," Harrelson said.

Ted Danson added insight into Harrelson's relationship with cell phones, noting, "He doesn’t have a phone. He’s one of those bullies in life that make other people carry his phone for him." Harrelson responded that this statement was "not exactly true," but acknowledged the complications he experienced with the technology.

Kristin Bell, also part of the discussion, shared her agreement with Harrelson's sentiments, mentioning her own experiences with phone usage. "I hear that. It doesn’t feel good," Bell said, reflecting on the impact of constant connectivity on personal interactions.


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