Sacrificial animals fill city streets

Selling and buying of sacrificial animals will reach its peak three days before Eid

Our Correspondent June 17, 2024
Children pet a sacrificial cow as it grazes in a park in Sector G-7 in the federal capital. PHOTO: ZAFAR RAJA/EXPRESS


As the holy festival of Eidul Azha approaches fast, the streets of the city are filled with sacrificial animals nowadays. Children are seen walking with sacrificial animals in streets, neighbourhoods and markets of the city.

Kids are decorating their sacrificial animals after buying decorations from the markets. On the other hand, the prices of animal decoration items and fodder have increased tremendously.

The government employees, who have received salaries before Eid, are excited to buy sacrificial animals. Cattle markets have also been set up in parts of the city to receive customers. The selling and buying of sacrificial animals will reach its peak three days before Eid as the citizens find it difficult to keep sacrificial animals because of the shortage of space.

Citizens usually serve sacrificial animals for two or three days before sacrificing them for the sake of Allah Almighty. There has been an increase in the purchase of animals in cattle markets since last Sunday, which will reach its peak on Friday.

Child Kamail Hasan says every year he waits for the purchase of a sacrificial animal, buys decorations for the sacrificial animal from his pocket money, loves to decorate the animal and walks around the street.

Another child Tasbee Fatima says she feeds the sacrificial animal with her own hands, an act which gives her extreme happiness. “This Eid, I will again decorate my sacrificial animal in the best way,” she added.


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