Future in peril

Govts inability to create jobs and stimulate economic growth reflects deep-seated neglect of pressing issues

Editorial June 17, 2024


At least 4.5 million people in the country are unemployed, according to the Pakistan Economic Survey 2023-2024. The numbers are, however, based on the labour force survey conducted in 2020-2021. Even if we are to go by the government’s figures, it is safe to assume that the actual number of unemployed now is far higher. Not that an older unemployed person is any less of a tragedy, but it is a completely different situation when the majority of those without jobs in the country happens to be the youth. As per the government’s survey, those within the bracket of 15-24 years of age have the highest unemployment rate, at 11.1 per cent. More importantly, the number of unemployed females is higher than that of boys – at 14.4 per cent.

The youth, who should be the driving force of our economy and the future leaders of our nation, are being deprived of opportunities to contribute meaningfully. This growing crisis is not just an economic issue, it is a social catastrophe that threatens the stability and progress of our society. The lack of employment opportunities leads to frustration, disillusionment and a sense of hopelessness among young people, which can have far-reaching consequences. It is no surprise that the younger people in Pakistan have over the years begun to express their disdain with the country’s political leaders so overtly.

The government’s inability to create jobs and stimulate economic growth reflects a deep-seated neglect of one of the most pressing issues facing our country today. The state’s continuous apathy towards the issue makes matters even worse. Comprehensive and urgent measures are needed to address this burgeoning crisis, including investment in education and skills development, support for small and medium enterprises, and the creation of an enabling environment for entrepreneurship. Without such actions, the unemployment crisis will only deepen, with devastating consequences for Pakistan’s future.


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