Establishment’s 'interference' in judiciary to end soon: LHC CJ

Justice Shahzad Ahmed says judiciary is currently performing its duties without pressure

Our Correspondent June 14, 2024


The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court (LHC), Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmed, stated that the establishment's interference in the judiciary will soon come to an end.

Speaking at an event in Rawalpindi on Friday, the CJ highlighted his immediate actions upon assuming office. "I convened a full court meeting and decided that the culture of strikes would not be tolerated. On May 13, a circular was issued to the Punjab judiciary, stating that we would not acknowledge any calls for strikes. Whether there is a strike call or not, we will act according to the law," he said.

On April 24, IHC judges unanimously acknowledged that intelligence agencies were “interfering” in their judicial functions.

Justice Ahmed praised the majority of the legal community, noting that "90% of the lawyers are good people."

He revealed that over 200,000 cases were filed in Punjab, and more than 300,000 cases were resolved, significantly reducing the backlog of pending cases.

Addressing the issue of establishment interference, he referred to historical instances starting with the Maulvi Tamizuddin case. "Institutions involved in these interferences are better left unnamed. However, the judiciary is currently performing its duties without pressure," he asserted.

He shared an inspiring story of a district judge who stood firm against such interference, saying, "I am not afraid; I will deliver justice without bias."

This judge's courage, Justice Ahmed remarked, made him feel "immensely proud."

He also addressed the concerns of district judges who reported attempts at blackmail and interference.

He encouraged them not to succumb to such pressures, believing that divine guidance would support them. "The end of establishment interference in the judiciary is part of my faith," he concluded.


Tanweer Haral | 3 weeks ago | Reply Wonder how below average judges being elevated to SC....Deteriorating situation and judges are to blame for such choices
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