PTI lawyers booked for assault on Khawar Maneka

Party rejects registration of what it calls a ‘false, fabricated and baseless’ case

Our Correspondent May 30, 2024
PTI lawyers attack Maneka outside the courtroom, punching him multiple times. SCREENGRAB


An FIR has been registered at Ramna Police Station against several PTI lawyers, including Naeem Haider Panjutha and Ali Ijaz Buttar, for assaulting Khawar Maneka, the former husband of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi. The charges include sections related to terrorism.

The incident occurred outside the Islamabad district and sessions court after a reserved verdict was not announced in the iddat case against the former prime minister and his spouse yesterday.

During the hearing, Maneka made critical remarks about Khan, provoking a strong reaction from PTI supporters. PTI lawyers then attacked Maneka outside the courtroom, punching him multiple times.

Inspector Imtiaz Ahmed, the complainant, stated in the FIR that the incident took place during a court session involving Imran Khan. "PTI lawyers and some unidentified individuals gathered outside the courtroom, chanting slogans," he said.

"As Khawar Maneka exited the courtroom, PTI lawyer Advocate Burki shouted, 'He testified against our leader Imran Khan today; he won't leave here alive.' Advocate Burki then punched Maneka forcefully on the neck," the FIR detailed.

The complaint further mentioned that Panjutha and Buttar also punched Maneka. "The PTI lawyers continued to kick and punch Maneka and his companions," it read. The FIR also noted that PTI lawyers attempted to snatch a weapon from a police officer, who managed to retrieve it after a struggle. The lawyers also assaulted police personnel during the incident.

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Meanwhile, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has rejected the registration of what it calls a “false, fabricated and baseless” case against members of the party’s legal team, including Panjutha, Buttar, Usman Riaz Gill, and Mirza Asim Baig.

A spokesperson for the party issued a strong condemnation on Thursday for including terrorism charges in the “false case” against the legal team members. "The miscreants who created an absurd case like 'Iddat' against PTI founder Imran Khan and his wife are mocking the law through the state machinery," he stated.

"The vile plan of those flooding the court with filth through a shameless, unethical, and characterless puppet was foiled yesterday," he added. "On the orders of the criminal government, thugs were deployed around the court to incite trouble, and failing in that, they resorted to this disgraceful case."

The spokesperson highlighted an earlier incident involving PTI Central Secretary Information Raoof Hasan. “There was an attempt to slit the jugular vein of Raoof Hasan in broad daylight, yet the federal police neither registered a proper case nor apprehended any suspect to date.”

He accused the IG, allegedly brought in from Punjab at the behest of the interior minister, of targeting PTI for political revenge. "We reject this absurd case against the hardworking, professional, and law-abiding members of our legal team," he said.

The spokesperson demanded that the court immediately dismiss the case and bring the IG and his officials to justice.


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