Official, market vegetable prices vary

Citizens also deprived of poultry rate reduction

Our Correspondent May 27, 2024
Suggests no major change in upcoming monetary policy announcement. PHOTO: ZAHOORUL HAQ/EXPRESS


The past week saw a mixed trend in the official rates of perishable commodities, with several vegetables experiencing price increases, some remaining unchanged and a few seeing reductions.

However, these changes had no impact on consumer prices, as buyers continued to pay significantly higher rates than the official prices due to a lack of regulatory oversight.

Market survey shows consumers are not benefiting from the seasonal price reductions of fruits and vegetables. Like its predecessor, the current administration appears more focused on showcasing its performance on digital platforms rather than ensuring effective market regulation.

The official price of live chicken saw a further reduction of Rs34 per kg, set at Rs250-260 per kg, but it was sold at Rs300-330 per kg. Similarly, poultry meat's official price dropped by Rs51 per kg, fixed at Rs377 per kg, but it was sold between Rs390 and Rs530 per kg in markets across the provincial capital.

Potato prices remained unchanged at Rs70-75 per kg but was sold at Rs100-120 per kg. B-grade potato price was fixed at Rs60-65 per kg, and C-grade at Rs50-55, while mixed grades were sold at Rs80-100 per kg. Onion A-grade price increased by Rs5 per kg, set at Rs80-83 but sold at Rs100-125 per kg, with B-grade and C-grade also priced higher than their official rates.

Tomato prices saw a reduction of Rs5 per kg for A-grade, fixed at Rs37-40 per kg but sold at Rs80 per kg. B-grade and C-grade tomatoes were also sold well above their fixed prices.

The price of local garlic increased by Rs20 per kg, fixed at Rs245-255 but sold at Rs300 per kg. Chinese garlic price was fixed at Rs620-640 per kg but sold at Rs800-1,000 per kg. The price of Harnai garlic decreased by Rs85 per kg, fixed at Rs 280-290 per kg, yet sold at Rs400-500.

Ginger prices varied, with Thai ginger increasing by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs 540-560 per kg, and Chinese ginger remaining unchanged at Rs525-545 per kg, however both sold at Rs600-700 per kg. Cucumber prices also showed discrepancies. Farm cucumbers gained Rs3 per kg, fixed at Rs42-45 per kg but sold at Rs60-80 per kg, while local cucumbers remained unchanged at Rs57-60 per kg but were sold at Rs100-120 per kg.

Brinjal prices dropped by Rs2 per kg, fixed at Rs 45-48 per kg, but sold at Rs 80-100 per kg. Bitter gourd prices fell by Rs15 per kg, fixed at Rs47-50 per kg, yet sold at Rs80-100 per kg.

Other vegetables such as spinach, lemon, pumpkin, green chili, capsicum, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, ladyfinger, turnip, fenugreek, pea, beetroot, coriander, radish, and sweet pumpkin also showed significant price differences between official rates and market prices.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 27th, 2024.


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