Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough may have won Graceland battle as lender drops claims

Elvis Presley Enterprises released a statement assuring that Graceland are welcoming Elvis fans from around the world.

Pop Culture & Art May 23, 2024
Riley Keough (Courtesy: AFP), Elvis' Graceland property (Courtesy: AFP)

Naussany Investments and Private Lending, the company accused by Riley Keough of trying to fraudulently seize Graceland, may have withdrawn its claims on the property. Shortly after a Tennessee judge halted the foreclosure sale, a representative for Graceland stated that the company confirmed it would not proceed with its claim.

Naussany reportedly explained that the decision was due to a key document and the loan being recorded in a different state, requiring legal action in multiple jurisdictions. However, the specific state remains undisclosed.

Gregory Naussany, representing the company, stated in an email that "there was no harm meant on Ms. Keough." However, a judge had previously denied Naussany's motion denying the accusations in Keough's lawsuit.

This development follows a recent court hearing where a Tennessee judge blocked the foreclosure sale of Elvis Presley's iconic estate. Riley Keough, Elvis Presley's granddaughter, had filed a lawsuit alleging that Naussany had forged documents and signatures to fraudulently claim ownership of Graceland.

Keough's lawsuit as obtained by PEOPLE claimed that the signatures on the loan documents were not authentic and that the notary involved had never met Lisa Marie Presley. The judge's decision to halt the sale was based on the potential for irreparable harm if the unique property were lost.

Following the hearing, Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises released a statement confirming the invalidity of the claims and assuring the public that Graceland would continue to operate as usual, welcoming Elvis fans from around the world.

While Naussany Investments has not officially responded to requests for comment, the withdrawal of their claim suggests a significant victory for Riley Keough in her fight to protect her family's legacy.


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