Nawaz begins move to reclaim PML-N leadership

Party’s CWC likely to appoint former PM as its acting president

Our Correspondent May 18, 2024


Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has taken the first step to reclaim the leadership of the ruling party—the PML-N—from his younger brother, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

In the initial phase, he will be elected as the party’s acting president at the PML-N’s Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting convened today (Saturday) under Article 15 of its constitution at the party’s Model Town Secretariat.

In the meeting, senior party members will present a resolution nominating Nawaz Sharif as the acting president of the party. The CWC members are expected to approve this nomination.

According to the agenda of the meeting unveiled on Friday, the CWC will also announce the convening of the party’s General Council for the election of its president, a post currently held by Shehbaz. The CWC will also appoint an election commissioner for the election of the new president.

Both Shehbaz and Nawaz will address the meeting participants. The party’s key decision-making body will also present resolutions against Israeli atrocities in Gaza and Kashmir’s illegal occupation by India.

Nawaz, who served as the country’s prime minister thrice, was ousted from power in July 2017 after the Supreme Court disqualified him for life in the Panama Papers case.

The SC had later ruled that a disqualified person could not lead a political party, a decision that forced him to also relinquish the position of party president.

However, after changes in the country’s election law which set the duration of disqualification at five years, Nawaz became eligible both to contest polls and head a political party.

The PML-N’s CWC is one of its highest decision-making bodies. It plays a crucial role in strategic planning, policy formulation, and major decision-making processes.

The PML-N’s General Council serves as a larger representative body within the party. It includes members from various regions and sectors, ensuring broad representation.

The General Council is responsible for electing the party president and other key office bearers. It provides a platform for discussing the party’s direction, policies, and electoral strategies.

Nawaz Sharif's expected re-election as the party president is anticipated to bring about a shift in the party's dynamics and strategies.


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