Experts call for judicial commission to probe May 9 mayhem

Senior journalist Naveed Hussain stresses importance of judicial commission to avoid historical mistakes in future

Noman Awan May 09, 2024

Political analysts have urged for a thorough judicial inquiry to unveil the perpetrators responsible for the May 9 mayhem, while also highlighting the absence of decisive leadership at the central level within Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Naveed Hussain, Chief Editor of The Express Tribune, emphasised the necessity of a judicial probe during a discussion on the "Experts" talk show on Express News.

He highlighted the impact of key leaders' imprisonment and the departure of others from PTI, asserting that these factors have severely hampered the party's central decision-making. In Hussain's view, the need for clarity and accountability in such a critical juncture cannot be overstated.

"PTI's central decision-making has suffered due to the imprisonment of key leaders, along with departures or forced exits of others from the party or politics altogether," Hussain remarked.

Hussain, referencing statements from PTI's founder, Imran Khan, Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, the chairperson, and party spokesperson Raoof Hassan, noted that Raoof Hassan's tone appeared bitter, whereas Barrister Gohar's was softer. However, they all concurred unanimously on the necessity of a judicial inquiry into the May 9 incident.

The senior analyst stressed that in November, the institutions of the state of Pakistan faced an attack, indicating an assault on the state itself. Such a significant event cannot be overlooked or disregarded, and the notion of dismissing it without the necessity of a judicial commission is unacceptable, he added.

He referenced the judiciary's perceived injustice towards two former prime ministers, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. They noted that the Supreme Court now acknowledges these past judicial miscarriages and claims to rectify historical mistakes.

The senior journalist questioned whether the leadership of PTI would face punishment through summary trial similar to past instances. Emphasising the call for a judicial commission, he stressed its importance in preventing future historical mistakes.

Senior journalist Ayaz Khan, Group Editor of Daily Express, lent support to PTI's assertion that they were not involved in the May 9 riots as a political party.

He endorsed Imran Khan's condemnation of the events but voiced reservations about the decision to hold a news conference by the Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR), advocating for a more measured approach.

Khan scrutinised the DG ISPR's news conference, highlighting a notable shift in focus from discussing terrorism to addressing the May 9 incidents.

He pointed out apparent contradictions in the DG ISPR's statements regarding the justice system and reiterated the urgency of a judicial inquiry into the matter.

Contrary to Khan's stance, Amir Ilyas Rana, Express News Bureau Chief in Islamabad, asserted coherence in the DG ISPR's statements. He clarified the DG ISPR's position on the necessity of a judicial commission, stressing that the circumstances surrounding the May 9 incidents were clear and transparent.

Faisal Husain, Karachi Bureau Chief for Express News, condemned the May 9 events as acts of terrorism and lamented Imran Khan's failure to apologise during the press conference.

He raised concerns about PTI's “uncontrollable” social media presence, which he believed influences prominent individuals and exacerbates the situation.

Mohammad Ilyas, Express News Bureau Chief in Lahore, echoed worries about conflicting statements within PTI and stressed the urgency of establishing a clear party policy.

He urged the party chairman to take proactive measures to unify members and adopt a consistent approach in addressing the aftermath of the May 9 incident.


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