PDMA issues rainfall, heatwave alert

Cautions communities living near glaciers

Our Correspondent May 09, 2024


The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued alerts concerning an imminent heatwave across the province this week, with anticipated rainfall on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, it has cautioned about a significant temperature surge forecasted by the Met office, potentially leading to flash floods in Upper and Lower Chitral, Kohistan, Upper and Lower Dir, and Swat due to snow and glacier melting.

To address this, the PDMA has dispatched warnings to district administrations, urging them to inform local communities residing near glaciers about the situation and to implement precautionary measures promptly.

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Additionally, all stakeholders, including district administrations, have been instructed to activate emergency rescue services and readiness protocols, ensuring that all necessary equipment for emergency response is readily available.

Deputy commissioners have been tasked with notifying tourists in these districts about potential hazards to dissuade travel to sensitive areas. Special directives have been issued to the DCs and other relevant departments to ensure the maintenance of open roads in case of flash floods, with road repair machinery positioned strategically for prompt deployment.

The PDMA’s emergency operation center is on high alert, operating round the clock to monitor the situation and coordinate response efforts effectively.

In response to the looming threat of monsoon-related disasters, the PDMA has embarked on a comprehensive contingency plan for the year 2024. The plan aims at engaging all relevant stakeholders in identifying potential hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with the monsoon season. By mapping available resources, the authorities seek to minimize disaster risks and ensure a well-coordinated response to any emergencies that may arise.

Published in The Express Tribune May 9th, 2024.



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