Meghan Markle bullying allegations resurface

A former senior aide to Meghan Markle adds fuel to an ongoing controversy that continues to tarnish her reputation.

Pop Culture & Art April 24, 2024

The controversy surrounding the bullying allegations against Meghan Markle has rekindled the media scrutiny of her actions once again. 

Samantha Cohen, a former trusted aide to the Queen and Markle's one-time assistant, has confirmed to the Herald Sun being interviewed as part of the Palace's internal investigation. This marks a significant turning point in a scandal previously kept largely out of the public eye.

The tension reached a peak in 2018 when Harry and Meghan's communications secretary, Jason Knauf, filed a formal complaint alleging Meghan bullied two PAs out of their jobs and targeted other female staff. He revealed all of this to the Times in 2020. Leaked emails detail staff members feeling terrified, sick, and deeply stressed in their interactions with the Duchess.

Cohen, an experienced and respected figure within royal circles, was tasked with helping Meghan acclimate to palace life. It seems this proved a difficult endeavour, with sources describing Meghan's clash with the rigid royal protocol and Cohen's team feeling frustrated by the Duchess's attitude.

Reports published in Valentine Low's book, and Cohen's recent comments, paint a picture of a strained work environment. Cohen reportedly felt "treated harshly," and both she and her successor struggled with their roles.

The Sussexes vehemently deny these claims during their Oprah Winfrey interview in 2021, characterising them as attacks on Meghan's character. Harry even insists the Palace colluded against the couple. Yet, the staff turnover and William's own confrontation with Harry over Meghan's behaviour lend credence to the allegations.

Despite the Palace's concluded investigation, the report remains private. This fuels further speculation and fails to exonerate Meghan or validate the accusers' experiences. Cohen's decision to speak out suggests a mounting frustration and desire to break through the Palace's veil of secrecy.


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