Did Kick streamer “N3on” die while in custody of UAE? Speculators spread false rumours

Streamer "N3on," is reportedly detained in the UAE but the rumours of his death are unfounded.

Pop Culture & Art April 17, 2024

Speculators have been spreading false rumours about Rangesh Mutama, known online as "N3on," after the streamer was reportedly detained by Dubai authorities earlier this month for allegedly filming and live-streaming without proper permits.

Although there was no officials word or update about his situation, speculators began to take advantage of the ambiguity and spread false rumours about the streamer.

The rumours first claimed that N3on had been sentenced to one year in jail which was later reported by dreddinfo.com as false.

Speculators then falsely claimed that the streamer had died while in custody of UAE authorities, this rumour too was stated as false by dreddinfo.com via X.com user Dexerto.

Adin Ross reacts

Adin Ross, a major name on the Kick streaming platform with over 1 million followers, has shared his thoughts on N3on's Dubai arrest via social media.

Ross had previously collaborated with Neon, helping him gain prominence, however their relationship seemed strained in recent months.

Ross expressed frustration with the situation, calling the whole situation, "f***ed".

When asked to comment on the situation during his Twitch livestream, "I'm going to just say this though, I'm doing everything that I can do to try to help. But the people around him made it really hard."

Twitch streamer Neon was arrested with his girlfriend Sam Frank. (Image: N3on via X)

Twitch streamer Neon was arrested with his girlfriend Sam Frank. (Image: N3on via X)

Ross further shared details of the moments leading up to the arrest: “Someone around him mocked him pretty bad to where they fucked it up, I'm going to lie, based off what they said. I'm going to stop talking about it, but it's fucked"

Ross also discussed the arrest on mixed martial artist Sean O'Malley's YouTube channel, highlighting the strict camera policies in Dubai.

Ross told O'Malley, "[Neon] was recording people, and they are not very big on cameras over there:"

Adin Ross also shared more details of the arrest, saying "He can't leave the country right now, and he has to figure something out. I don't know what is going to happen. He was recording people, and they are very big on cameras over there. You have to be very respectful in Dubai."

Adin dismissed rumours of Neon facing a year in jail as exaggerated, emphasising that he did not wish jail upon anyone, especially considering Neon's young age.

The arrest

According to reports, "N3on" Rafiq and his girlfriend, Sam Frank, were arrested for filming in a local theme park. There has been no contact from Neon or Frank since the arrest, although they have reportedly been in touch with other Kick streamers.

The arrest was captured live on stream, showing Neon and his group being apprehended for filming without proper permits.


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