Has Willie Nelson passed away?

A legend in country music, he has had a long and celebrated career.

Pop Culture & Art April 09, 2024
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Willie Nelson, a legend of country music, has a long and celebrated career.

Sadly, he's also been a frequent target of online death hoaxes. These false rumors have repeatedly spread across social media and fake news sites, confusing fans and loved ones.

The answer remains clear: Willie Nelson is alive and well.

He was recently featured in Beyonce’s latest album “Cowboy Carter” and also released a collaboration track with Orville Peck called “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other.”

As far as the rumours are concerned he has even addressed the hoaxes with his trademark humour on his recent album, "God's Problem Child," in the song, "Still Not Dead."

How the Hoaxes Spread

The first major hoax started in February 2015 when the fake news site MSMBC.co falsely claimed Nelson was found dead at his Maui home.

The article looked believable, mimicking the style of a legitimate news source like MSNBC.com to trick readers.

This fabrication spread like wildfire on social media. MSMBC.co has a history of similar celebrity rumors and later added a half-hearted disclaimer to its article, admitting the "story is still developing."

Nelson's Response

Willie Nelson was quick to debunk these rumors with a post on his official Facebook page. He shared a photo holding a newspaper with the headline, "Still Not Dead," along with the caption, "The hoax is a hoax. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Love, Willie."

His 2017 album, "God's Problem Child," further mocks the rumors with the opening track "Still Not Dead." Nelson humorously addresses his longevity, health, and even his marijuana use:

"I woke up still not dead again today / The internet said I had passed away / But if I died I wasn’t dead to stay / And I woke up still not dead again today"

Willie Nelson remains alive and well, continuing a long and influential career.

Despite the repeated hoaxes, he responds with humor and a reminder that he's "still not dead, and still not done." The fact-checking website Snopes.com lists him as one of the most frequent targets of these hoaxes, but also as a celebrity who adeptly handles them.


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