Employees ring corruption, nepotism alarm bells

Sweepers, guards, gardeners manage to pass computer based typing test for the post of a Junior Clerk

Safdar Rizvi October 03, 2023


A few seemingly lucky sweepers, guards, office assistants, and gardeners associated with the College Education Department of Sindh have recently been promoted in record time, which has led to an outcry about the corruption and nepotism that plagues the department.

As per information received from department sources by the Express Tribune, various sweepers, guards, office assistants, and gardeners, who are typically classified between Grade 1 and 3 employees, have struck gold as they have been promoted to the post of Junior Clerk, which is classified as a Grade 11 position.

The total number of promotions, which stands at 185, were to be done as per the department’s posting and promotion rules. However, it has been alleged that these rules were relaxed in favour of the promotees as they were only required to give a computer based typing test to earn a promotion and that too without a verified Computer Certificate from the Sindh Board of Technical Education. Sources within the department further alleged that the 185 promotees did not have any know-how of operating computers let alone proving their typing skills and yet they were still promoted instead of deserving candidates.

One of the 600 employees of the department who sat for the computer based typing test, while speaking to the Express Tribune, under the condition of anonymity, confirmed the allegations. “The typing test was only 30 seconds long. How am I supposed to prove my computer abilities in less than a minute?” questioned the disgruntled employee, further adding that those who were promoted did not even try to attempt the test.

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“Most of us who knew how to operate a computer and could type, flunked the exam. Whereas, those who had never even been in front of a computer passed. Make that make sense,” the employee remarked.

Another equally disgruntled employee, who also sat for the test, concurring with the allegations of his peer, informed the Express Tribune under the condition of anonymity, that the 180 or so people who were promoted had paid bribes to higher ups in the department. “We were told that if we can cough up Rs 300,000 we would directly be promoted to Grade 11. I guess those who paid the amount ended up being promoted,” the employee regretted. Apart from the allegations vis-a-vis the computer based typing test, it is pertinent to mention that the departmental promotions were completed in a record time of 22 days - a feat unheard of in any departmental promotion process across the country.

The Express Tribune inquired about the corruption and nepotism allegations from the Regional Director Colleges, Professor Sulaiman Sial, who issued the notification of the 185 promotees on the 27th of September. “People who fail to get promotions always end up doing such propaganda,” replied Professor Sial, further adding that no complaint had been received by any of the departmental employees who sat for the test.

“The allegations about departmental officials taking bribes are baseless and if anyone has proof they should come forward. We will conduct an inquiry if someone has proof that bribes were taken or that they were failed on purpose,” the Regional Director Colleges further clarified while talking to The Express Tribune.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 3rd, 2023.


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