7 die in firing incident in Lower Kurram Agency: Officials

Unidentified gunmen attack passenger bus carrying 16-18 people.

Afp/express September 01, 2011

Seven people were killed in a firing incident on a passenger van in Makhizai area of Lower Kurram Agency, reported Express 24/7 on Thursday.

Local officials said that around 16-18 people were travelling in a passenger bus from Upper Kurram Agency towards Lower Kurram Agency when unidentified gunmen opened fire on the right-hand side of the van.

The firing also resulted in one person being injured.

The vehicle was on its way from the town of Ali Zai in Lower Kurram to Parachinar as the nation celebrated Eid al-Fitr, local administration chief Javedullah Khan told AFP.

The victims were all from the minority Shia community, he said.

An army operation called Operation Koh-e-Sufaid in Kurram Agency, which was launched to clear the area of militants whose fighting had increased the incidence of sectarian killings, kidnapping, and extortion in the agency, also recently ended.