He said his marriage is fake: Kangana allegedly accuses Ranbir of begging her to date him

Actor recounts incidents associated with the 'film mafia' while taking potshots at a 'womanizer superstar'

Entertainment Desk July 31, 2023

In a series of Instagram Stories, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has discussed her alleged encounters with fellow actors and exposed what she referred to as the 'film mafia' operating in the industry. Among the revelations, Kangana shared her experiences with actor Hrithik Roshan and hinted at another superstar, believed to be Ranbir Kapoor, making shocking claims about their behavior and intentions.

As she reminisced about her alleged affair with Hrithik, a saga that had previously unfolded in the public eye, she detailed falling victim to a scam, wherein someone impersonated Hrithik and manipulated her through various accounts and phone numbers.

Kangana did not stop at that and went on to shed light on what she referred to as the 'film mafia’. She accused this group of engaging in criminal activities, including but not limited to inflating box office figures by purchasing tickets in bulk and resorting to cyber espionage to obtain sensitive information about contracts and personal lives of artists. Such practices, if true, could raise serious questions about the integrity of the film industry.

In another note, Kangana alluded to a 'superstar', who she claimed visited her and pleaded to be in a relationship with her despite being involved with someone else. She expressed her discomfort with the situation and alleged that the actor tried to communicate with her through multiple numbers and accounts, leading her to believe her devices were hacked.

According to Kangana, the superstar said that his marriage was a sham and his child was merely a publicity stunt for a film. Taking into consideration the kind of hints Kangana dropped, the actor in question is believed to be Ranbir, as cited by the Hindustan Times.

“Another superstar who is known to be a womanizer landed at my house and begged me to date him but kept meeting secretly to pursue me,” she claimed. “When I questioned this shady behaviour, he said he was getting a trilogy to date a papa ki pari who he did not love. I was not okay with that and I said no to such a situation, he too started to communicate from various numbers and accounts till I blocked all and then I felt he hacked all my devices...”

According to Kangana, “he even said his marriage was fake and the baby was a trick to promote the movie. I was beyond appalled. I still can't believe [it]. If anyone can be so morally corrupt, they aren't humans, they are demons. That's why I am determined to destroy them. Dharma's main purpose is to destroy Adharma. That's what Shri Krishna said in Geeta.”

However, it is essential to note that these claims remain unsubstantiated, and neither Ranbir Kapoor nor Alia Bhatt has responded to Kangana's accusations. The restraint on their part could be a deliberate attempt to avoid escalating the situation further or to maintain privacy regarding their personal lives.

Kangana Ranaut's recent Instagram Stories have once again shone a spotlight on the murky underbelly of Bollywood, revealing alleged affairs, cyber scams, and the dark workings of the 'film mafia.' While these revelations have undoubtedly caused a stir, it is essential to approach such claims with caution and await further developments before drawing any conclusions. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for stakeholders to address concerns related to integrity and security to foster a healthier and more transparent environment for artists and audiences alike.

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