Imran, Syra, others thank God and nation for freeing Imran Khan

Celebrities, while lauding people for their efforts, prayed for the former premier’s safety

Entertainment Desk May 12, 2023

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) workers and supporters finally breathed a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court on Thursday declared former prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest unlawful. The PTI chief was arrested on Tuesday and since then, the country had been under a network shutdown and violent protests.

Taking to social media, celebrities who had long rallied for Imran’s safe return, shared how “justice prevailed” in the country. Actor Imran Abbas, who was at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, described how joyous the atmosphere was as soon as Supreme Court’s verdict was announced on TV.

“For the first time in my life, I witnessed people literally having tears in their eyes with happiness and gratitude to God. They were exchanging sweets and almost everyone was hugging each other. The immense love for Imran Khan has crossed every level this time.” Actor Armeena Khan has no worries for the future knowing that the PTI Chief will be out soon. She took to Twitter to share how “nice” it is to see “Mr Khan alive and well.”

On the other hand, actor Xarnish Khan, a “proud Pakistani,” thanked the nation for its strength and resilience to get Imran out of bars. “I want to thank my nation for being so strong during this time, this decision is the result of your sacrifice. Our nation has proven we are one and unbreakable. And Inshaallah, with this strength, we will win all the battles that befall our way. Just know that Allah is with us.”


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She further “begged” the people in power to “realise the damage they cause in the country and the pain they caused to innocent people.” Claiming that the nation is now “wide awake,” she asked for “fair elections.” 


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Actor Syra Yousuf, who is in Saudi Arabia for Umrah, shared an Instagram Story on how her prayers were answered. “I believe, along with other things, Allah gave me this opportunity to specifically pray for him, his safety and for my beloved country and its people. May we stand together, rise together and break out of the chains of fascism,” she wrote.

Actor Atiqa Odho took to the photo-sharing app with a picture of the former premier and wrote a prayer for his goals for Pakistan. “Praying that Allah protects Imran Khan and helps him succeed in his efforts for Pakistan. No one deserves to be treated the way he's being treated for just trying to break the shackles of misery for our nation,” she wrote while acknowledging that Imran hasn’t always been perfect.

“He may not be perfect and has many faults but his heart has always been in the right place for which we must support him through his ordeals. Others talk while he walks the talk. Being harassed and punished for being sincere is an injustice that we must never accept as citizens of this great country,” she added.

Sharing a screenshot of a news channel announcing the Supreme Court’s verdict, actor Asad Siddiqui praised the power of God. “And then there are people who have completely forgotten Allah,” he wrote in an Instagram Story.

Model Fouzia Aman thanked the nation for freeing Imran but then asked people to “spare a thought” for all the damage done in the past 48 hours. “Yes, Khan has been ordered as free but we must spare a thought for the women in this crisis. They have been mistreated, arrested and held against their will. Vandalism occurred. It’s about time everyone in Pakistan was held accountable for their actions and that should start now,” she shared on the photo-sharing app.

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