Pakistan incapable of showing mercy to animals: Natasha Baig, others on elephant Noor Jehan's fall

The wild animal is reportedly being treated for her injuries from a fall to a concrete pool in the Karachi Zoo

Enter April 14, 2023

On Thursday, Noor Jehan, a 17-year-old elephant, fell into a concrete pool in the Karachi Zoo, severely deteriorating her health. The elephant was already being treated by a group of foreign doctors for her partially paralysed body last week and was on a fast road to recovery.

JFK Animal and Rescue Shelter shared a video of the injured elephant and claimed that she is "badly injured and lifeless" as a result of the failure to adhere to the Four Paws' advice on her comfort and nourishment.

As the news of Noor Jehan's critical condition circulated online, many people, including celebrities expressed their heartache at seeing the animal's plight. "I regret to say this, but I think Noor Jehan can only find peace when she dies," began singer Natasha Baig in an Instagram Story, frustrated by the elephant’s condition. "Pakistan is truly incapable of showing mercy to animals," she continued.

"This is heartbreaking. Is there any way we can help?" asked actor Ayesha Omar while tagging an animal rescue organisation, Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) in the Instagram Story. Actor Zhalay Sarhadi also shared a disheartening video of Noor Jehan lying lifeless on the ground. "Heartbreaking!" she said, calling others to help the elephant.

Veteran actor Simi Rahael also chimed in the conversation, offering prayers for Noor Jehan. "I wonder how this girl is really doing. I'm pray for her health and recovery," she penned. In a separate Instagram Story.
Rahael also voiced her concern against the "neglect" and "cruelty" by the zoo authorities. "The cruelty, the sadness, the absolute neglect! Shame on humans who create this misery," said the Sabaat star.Yashma Gill took to her social media to boycott the "zoo culture," asking others to join hands with her to fight animal cruelty in this holy month of Ramazan. "Please for the sake of this holy month, join hands in this cause and help in boycotting this zoo culture."

In another post, Gill updated her followers that after eating and being taken care of, Noor Jehan is slowly responding back. She wrote, "Keep praying guys, she is finally responding a little! Alhamdulillah."

The Habs actor, Ushna Shah, who has long advocated for animal rights also shared Gill's post about boycotting the zoo authorities for their neglect. Last week, a team of veterinarians and wildlife experts from global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS were treating the suffering elephant Noor Jehan at the Karachi Zoo.
Since 2021, FOUR PAWS has recommended relocating Noor Jehan and her companion Madhubala to a species-appropriate place that fulfils international standards. The authorities have now finally committed to relocating both elephants as soon as Noor Jehan is healthy enough to be moved.

However, after Noor Jehan's big fall in the concrete pool, Safari Park Director Kanwar Ayub revealed to a local newspaper that the elephant is facing difficulty in getting up due to pain in her hind legs. He added that the elephant is currently being treated under instructions given by foreign doctors.

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