Got your goat: Milking it for all it’s worth

Hundreds gather to see 8-day-old kid give milk.

Express August 24, 2011


A large crowd gathered in Talamba to witness an eight-day-old goat give milk. Locals in the area thought the animal sacred and dozens of people have been visiting the area in droves.

According to eyewitnesses, Talamba village Panch Marth Wala resident Syed Mithu Shah’s goat gave birth eight days ago. The kid began to give milk two days ago and locals have begun flocking to the house to witness the ‘miracle’. “It is an extraordinary thing and we have been distributing the milk for its healing properties,” said Mithu Shah.

Two days ago milk started oozing out of the kid’s udder and after word reached locals, several hundreds have gathered at Mithu’s house to witness the baby goat give milk and to try the milk. “Drinking the milk will rid us of our sins,” said a local resident Hashim Shah, adding “the goat has been born during the holy month and is a miracle from God.”

Mithu and his family have already begun milking the goat and selling the ‘holy milk’ to locals who have been swarming outside their home. Many have begun giving alms to Mithu Shah and he said that he would give the money in God’s name and build a shrine so that people could come and see the goat.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 25th, 2011.