WATCH: Rescuer braves raging floodwater to save frightened cat

After rescuing stranded family, rescuer goes back to other side of river and brings pet feline back to safety in K-P

APP August 31, 2022
At one tense point, the cat almost fell into the river; quick to act, the rescuer caught the feline in the nick of time and successfully carried the creature to safety. SCREENGRAB


The staff members of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Rescue 1122 on Wednesday exhibited inspirational dedication to duty and sacred cause of saving living creatures thereby putting their own lives in danger by crossing the raging river in Lower Kohistan through hanging iron ropes to rescue a stranded pet cat.

The rescue operation was carried out in Pattan Tehsil of Kohistan district where the Rescue 1122 team shifted an eleven-member stranded family.

For crossing the river, the officials made arrangements of tying iron ropes to cross the raging river and for shifting a stranded family comprising two women and two children.

After completing the family rescue, their pet cat also reached the site and made noises to divert the attention of her owners and rescue officials.

On seeing an innocent soul in trouble and need of help, an official of Rescue 1122 went back to the other side of the river and brought the feline back to safety.

During crossing of the river, the cat became scared due to ferocity of water tides and jumped from the hands of a rescue official who forthwith caught her again and saved her from falling into the river.

On reaching safety, the family members expressed great gratitude to the officials and highly appreciated their courage and dedication to duty which is not only confined to rescuing human beings but also all living creatures.

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Torrential rain has triggered flash floods that have crashed down from northern mountains, destroying buildings and bridges, and washing away roads and standing and stored crops. It has submerged a third of Pakistan and killed more than 1,100 people, including 380 children.

On Sunday, in an extremely dangerous and challenging situation, Pakistan army aviation pilots rescued a stranded individual surrounded by flood waters in the Kohistan area of the province.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), an emergency call was made by the Kohistan administration. "Responding immediately, GOC Mangla Division and Commander Mangla Brigade who were on flood assessment mission near Pattan diverted from original flight to save the previous life," it added.

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The ISPR said that had the team not reached on time, the individual could have drowned in the flood. "The pilots made a daring attempt, lower the helicopter and the officers and crew lifted the individual safely," the statement said.

The country has received nearly 190% more rain than the 30-year average in the quarter through August this year, totalling 390.7 millimetres. Sindh province, with a population of 50 million, was hardest hit, getting 466% more rain than the 30-year average.

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