ACP pays homage to Nayyara Noor

Ahmed Shah said that it is a matter of honour that Nayyara has been a part of ACP governing body

Our Corresponent August 31, 2022


Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) Karachi hosted a ceremony to pay homage to Nayyara Noor the famous singer who had earned the title of Bulbul-e-Pakistan.

ACP President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Shehriyar Zaidi, Nade Ali, Sultan Arshad, Salima Hashmi, Munawar Saeed, and Dr Karamat Ali expressed their views at the gathering held at Jaun Elia Lawn.

Arshad Mahmood performed the duties of the moderator. Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that it is a matter of honour that Nayyara has been a part of ACP governing body for many years. Kind, gentle and humble, Nayyara lives on with her work, particularly her dentition of the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

“We will organise a great musical tribute for Nayyara Apa, he said.

Shehriyar Zaidi, the husband of Nayyara Noor, said they were married for 49 years. “Nayyara was my friend, we loved the same music, a very caring woman, and she taught me self-respect and not to express weakness to anyone except Allah Almighty.” 

Nade Ali, Nayyara’s son said that the Pakistan-India cricket match was incomplete for me because my mother was not with me. Whenever there was a recording, Ami always made sure that we had everything we needed wherever we were. Ami’s best feature was that she was the mother of all. She loved everyone very much. She was a good wife and mother. Sultan Arshad said he and Nayyara used to sing together for two years. In two years there are two thousand things that will remain in my mind.

Salima Hashmi said Nayyara’s throat that emanated the eternal notes seemed heavenly. Manwarr Saeed, speaking at the ceremony, said, “I have known Nayyara for 50 years. In the seventies, Nayyara and Shehryar were in love and their marriage was solemnised in a great song.”

Dr Karamat Ali a veteran of labour rights movement said Nayyara was sensitive to class struggle and sang a theme song for us free of cost.


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