Armeena feels celebrities, influencers need to stop posting insensitively under a national emergency

Actor has also called out social media users criticising those who are actually putting in an effort

Entertainment Desk August 28, 2022

Celebrities have been playing their part in lending support to flood affectees in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as the provinces suffer the raging consequences of the heavy monsoon rains. Many have been urging their followers to donate for the rehabilitation of those displaced and survival of all victims by sharing reliable links to non-profits working towards the same.

However, as situation worsens for those affected by the calamity while rescue operations continue in full swing, some on social media have been posting details about their daily lives uninterruptedly, appearing almost unmoved by the scale of destruction and loss of human lives.

Thus, actor Armeena Rana Khan has shared she "absolutely" agrees that celebrities and influencers can put a pause on sharing content for entertainment purposes under a national emergency. The actor has also urged people to refrain from putting down those actually putting in an effort for the needy.

A user tweeted, "Any Pakistani ‘celebrity’, ‘influencer’ posting content for entertainment purposes right now really needs to re-evaluate their morals and ethics with a national natural-disaster on the rise — have a little respect for your people, for humanity." Armeena retweeted the same writing, "Absolutely!"

In another tweet, she wrote, "So many critics! They don't want to put in any effort on their own but will be the first to question and discourage people who are actually doing something! If you’re that concerned, get up off your a** and go help the flood victims around you!" Earlier, Faysal Quraishi tweeted out a video in which he criticised social media users for accusing him, alongside fellow television hosts Fahad Mustafa and Danish Taimoor, of not donating to the cause while they give away extravagant prizes in their game shows. He asserted that every contribution by a known figure does not need to be publicised.

Armeena also shared a news report, informing that shelter tent prices had surged to Rs15,000 in light of "increase in demand."

"Zalimo! (Oppressors)" she lashed out. Users agreed. "If the businessmen of our country get the news that tomorrow is Qiyaamah, then overnight even the prayer mats will become expensive. The fear of the hereafter is going extinct from the hearts," a tweep commented. "Next year they will go to Hajj with this money," quipped another.

Celebrities have been encouraging their followers to contribute to the flood relief efforts since Friday. Humayun Saeed tweeted out an appeal to the government to oversee the devastations caused by the natural disaster. Shehzad Roy, known for his humanitarian efforts through his non-profit organization Zindagi Trust, tweeted out about the urgent need for flood relief efforts. Mahira Khan also reshared a post by Alkhidmat Foundation, a non-profit working on-site to assist with rescue efforts and delivery of supplies. While Armeena shared she has been lucky enough to know some "amazing" and "reliable" charities and shared one of their links.

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